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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Use of MONICET data to observe the relation between sea water temperature and arrival and departure of "Stenella frontalis" (Cetacea, Delphinidae) in the AzoresAcebes Najarro, Daniel
22019Impact of microplastics in jellyfishTarí Alcazo, Javier
32019Effects of thermal stress on the larval of the purple sea urchin, "Strongylocentrotus purpuratus" (Stimpson, 1857)Hernández Guerra, Gara María
42019Study of anthropogenic pollution in La Sorpresa, El Saltito, Baja California SurVergés Tarragona, Ricard
52018Microplastic pollution on Gran Canaria island beachesRapp Cabrera, Jorge
62017Phenological study of "Gracilaria cervicornis" (Rhodophyta) populations in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)Fuertes Molina, Irene
72016Respiration in an autotrophic and a heterotrophic organism: comparison of four different methodsBondyale-Juez, Daniel R. 
82016Understanding the zooplankton ammonium excretion: from biogeochemical implications to intracellular regulatory mechanismsFernández-Urruzola, Igor 
92016On the respiratory metabolism of marine plankton: its application in assessing carbon fluxes and the role of substrates in its biochemical controlOsma, Natalia 
102016Movement patterns and habitat use of the silver tip shark ("Carcharhinus albimarginatus") at the Revillagigedo ArchipelagoMuntaner López, Gádor
112016Respiratory electron transport activity in plankton: determinants and detectionMaldonado Uribe, Federico 
122016Functional response of the mysid "Leptomysis lingvura" to prey densityMarrero Benítez, Alejandro Jesús
132014Dilution and dispersión of Gran Canaria desalinitation plant brine discharge: influence on seagrass meadows and potential corrective measuresPortillo Hahnefeld, Eduardo
142013A new conceptual model of nitrification: A key factor in resolving the metabolic state of the oceanTames-Espinosa, Mayte 
152013Identification, Abundance and Rearing of Mysids of Gran Canaria: aplication to laboratory and oceanographic respiratory metabolism studiesHerrera-Ulibarri, Alicia 
162011Zooplankton metabolic activity (respiration and ETS) from three stages of the Malaspina 2010 campaignMaldonado Uribe, Federico 
172011Phytoplankton community composition and size-abundance spectra in areas of the Alborán sea with different hydrological characteristicsSala Martínez, Iria
182010Desarrollo de las técnicas de cultivo y estudio del metabolismo respiratorio de misidáceosHerrera-Ulibarri, Alicia 
192010GDH activity and ammonium excretion in the marine mysid "Leptomysis lingvura": effects of age and starvationFernández-Urruzola, Igor 
202010Behavior of respiratory metabolism and pyridine nucleotide levels in Oxyrrhis marina during starvationOsma, Natalia