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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Densities and viscosities of three binary monoglyme + 1-alcohol systems from (283.15 to 313.15) KCaro, M. Nieves ; Trenzado, José L. ; Galván, Salvador ; Romano, Esther ; González González, Juan Emilio ; Alcalde, Rafael; Aparicio, Santiago
22011Densities and viscosities of four binary diethyl carbonate + 1-alcohol systems from (288.15 to 313.15) KTrenzado, José L. ; Romano, Esther ; Segade, Luisa; Caro, M. Nieves ; González, E. ; Galván, S. 
32005El aguaLópez Sánchez, Mariana; Romano Mendoza, Esther Lidia ; Triana, Jorge495.pdf.jpg
42003Thermophysical properties of four binary dimethyl carbonate + 1-alcohol systems at 288.15-313.15 KRomano, Esther ; Trenzado, José L. ; González, Emilio ; Matos, S.; Segade, Luisa; Jiménez, Eulogio 
52003Study on properties derived from densities and viscosities for the ternary systems (methyl pentanoate or methyl heptanoate) + octane + 1-hexanol and their binary subsystems at various temperaturesTrenzado, José L. ; Matos, José S.; González, Emilio ; Romano, Esther ; Caro, María N. 
62001Excess molar volumes of (methyl ethanoate + 1-chlorooctane + an n-alkane) ternary mixtures and their constituent binaries at 25°CMatos, J. S.; Trenzado, J. L. ; Romano, E. ; Caro, M. N. ; Pérez, M. E.
71994Volumetric study of (an aliphatic methyl ester + heptane or nonane) at the temperature 298.15 KMatos, J. S.; Trenzado, J. L. ; Caro, M. N. ; Romano, E. ; Pérez, E.