Fernández Pérez, Leandro Francisco

Fernández Pérez, Leandro Francisco
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Leandro Fernández-Pérez obtained his M.D. at Medical Faculty - University of La Laguna (Spain) - on 1985 and his Ph.D in Pharmacology on 1989 at same university. Since 2016, he is Full Professor of Pharmacology at University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), and an Affiliated Scientist to CMM-KI (Sweden) since 2008. He currently is Full Professor of Pharmacology at Faculty of Medicine and coordinator of Molecular and Translational Pharmacology Group - BioPharma ULPGC -, a recognized research group (GIR) located at Institute of Research in Biomedicine and Health (iUIBS). Recently, our GIR has been incorporated to ES-OPENSCREEN node (https://www.es-openscreen.com/nodo/), which is linked to EU-OPENSCREEN, an integrated platform (8 countries) with high capacity to support chemical libraries, and high performance facilities for Drug Discovery, and Medicinal Chemistry projects in EU. Since 2022, he is liaison researcher and responsible for R&D Unit of the CSIC located at iUIBS. He worked as Post-doctoral fellowship at Medical Nutrition Department (NOVUM) (1994-1996) and Center for Molecular Medicine at Karolinska institute (Sweden) (2001). He also worked as researcher at Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas “Alberto Sols” (CSIC, 1999). During those periods (1994-1996; 1999), he specialized in the study of intracellular signaling pathways regulated by cytokine/hematopoietin receptors, a research program that was focused in the roles JAK2-STAT5 signaling pathway in gender dimorphism and somatic growth, and its negative regulation. These research periods were followed by relevant contributions to SOCS2 discovery, physiology and pathology and, the Rho-STAT3 oncogenic pathway, respectively. His name has also been connected with studies in the field of steroids; in particular, with the identification of novel membrane receptors for androgenic-anabolic steroids and glucocorticoids in liver. Since then, BioPharma ULPGC research has been focused in application of Pharmacogenomics to study molecular mechanisms of cytokine and steroid hormones in liver and in Drug Discovery projects. He is founder of DNA microarray facilities and Laboratory for Preclinical Evaluation in Medicinal Chemistry projects at IUIBS. Currently, he coordinates a Medicinal Chemistry research program which is focused on discovery and preclinical pharmacological evaluation of novel modulators of JAK2-, STAT3-, STAT5- SOCS2-, or ERα-associated cancer or immune-inflammatory diseases (FASEB J 2012, http://hdl.handle.net/10553/48250; FEBS J 2013, http://hdl.handle.net/10553/53346; Biomed & Pharmacother 2023, http://hdl.handle.net/10553/119577),EJPB 2013, http://hdl.handle.net/10553/48249; Carcinogenesis 2014, http://hdl.handle.net/10553/48247; Oncotarget 2017, http://hdl.handle.net/10553/36049; Oncogene 2019, http://hdl.handle.net/10553/69816; Biomed&Pharmacother 2021, http://hdl.handle.net/10553/112325); Pharmaceuticals 2022, http://hdl.handle.net/10553/114638; Cancers 2022, http://hdl.handle.net/10553/119033). Novel multikinase inhibitors and SERM/SERD-like drugs are being developed in our lab. His research is also focused on functional characterization of SOCS2 protein in vivo, a main physiological negative regulator of JAK2-STAT5 in liver-, blood- breast- or prostate cancers. He has published more than 90 papers in international journals and co-founder and scientific advisor of spin-off CEAMED (https://ceamedsa.com), a pharmaceutical company with which he has contributed to create 3 international patents about novel inhibitors of STAT3/5 oncogenes. Furthermore, he is reviewer of indexed-pair review (Q1) International Journals in the areas of Mol Pharmacology, Medical Chemistry, Mol Endocrinology or Cancer (e.g., JPET; Biochem Pharmacol; Mol Cellular Biochem; Endocrinology; Mol Endocrinology; GH&IGF-1 Research; American J. Physiology; J. Clinical Endocrinol & Metabolism; PLoS ONE; Current Mol Pharmacology, Current Signal Transduction). Finally, he has collaborated with ACADEMIA (ANECA), ANEP (MEC), Fundación Progreso y Salud (Consejería Salud, Andalucía), ACIISI (Gobierno de Canarias), or private DNV company, as academic or R&D University Expert Technician evaluator. Quality indicators of scientific production: 5 research periods (6 year each one) (CENEAI) (last evaluated 2013-2018); Supervisor of 12 Ph. D. Thesis during last 10 years - 4 Thesis with International Mention-; Average citations per year (2018-2022): 95; Total indexed papers = 142 (Q1/Q2:130/8).Total citations (WoS; without self-citations) = 2.356 (averaged per item = 17.57); H-Index = 24. Hypothesis on covers at indexed international journals: Chem Med Chem 2015; Mol Endocrinology 2001. Top most cited: Cytokine Growth Factor Reviews 2001, 17(6):431-439.
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