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12020Pharmaceutical and personal care product residues in a macrophyte pond-constructed wetland treating wastewater from a university campus: Presence, removal and ecological risk assessmentGuedes-Alonso, Rayco ; Montesdeoca-Esponda, Sarah ; Herrera-Melián, José A. ; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Raquel; Ojeda-González, Zeneida; Landívar-Andrade, Vanessa; Sosa-Ferrera, Zoraida ; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan 
22020Occurrence of benzotriazole UV stabilizers in coastal fishesMontesdeoca-Esponda, Sarah ; Torres-Padrón, María Esther ; Novák, Martin; Krchová, Lucie; Sosa-Ferrera, Zoraida ; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan 
32020A survey of the presence of pharmaceutical residues in wastewaters. Evaluation of their removal using conventional and natural treatment proceduresGuedes-Alonso, Rayco ; Montesdeoca Esponda, Sarah ; Pacheco-Juárez, J.; Sosa Ferrera, María Zoraida ; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan surveyofthepresence.pdf.jpg
42020Organic UV filters in marine environments: An update of analytical methodologies, occurrence and distributionCadena-Aizaga, M. Isabel; Montesdeoca-Esponda, Sarah ; Torres-Padrón, María Esther ; Sosa-Ferrera, Zoraida ; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan 
52020Cytostatic compounds in sludge and sediment: extraction and determination by a combination of microwave-assisted extraction and UHPLC–MS/MSSantana-Viera, Sergio ; Tuček, Jozef; Torres-Padrón, María Esther ; Sosa-Ferrera, Zoraida ; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan ; Halko, Radoslav
62020Determination of 5-fluorocytosine, 5-fluorouracil, and 5-fluorouridine in hospital wastewater by liquid chromatography–mass spectrometryŠkvára, Pavel; Santana-Viera, Sergio ; Montesdeoca-Esponda, Sarah ; Mordačíková, Erika; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan ; Vojs Staňová, Andrea
72020Analytical Methodologies for the Determination of Cytostatic Compounds in Environmental MatricesSantana-Viera, Sergio ; Montesdeoca Esponda, Sarah ; Sosa-Ferrera, Zoraida ; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan 
82020Quantification of cytostatic platinum compounds in wastewater by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry after ion exchange extractionSantana Viera, Sergio ; Torres Padrón, María Esther ; Sosa Ferrera, María Zoraida ; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan 
92019Microwave assisted extraction for the determination of antineoplastic compounds in marine fishSantana Viera, Sergio ; Marzullo, Luca; Torres Padrón, María Esther ; Del Bubba, Massimo; Sosa Ferrera, María Zoraida ; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan 
102019Simultaneous and systematic analysis of cytostatic drugs in wastewater samples by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometrySantana Viera, Sergio ; Hernández-Arencibia, P; Sosa Ferrera, María Zoraida ; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan ; Hernández
112019Distribution and health risk assessment of cadmium, lead, and mercury in freshwater fish from the right bank of Senegal River in MauritaniaEl Mahmoud-Hamed, Mohamed Salem; Montesdeoca Esponda, Sarah ; Santana del Pino, Ángelo ; Zamel, Mohamed Lemine; Brahim, Mohamed; T’feil, Hasni; Santana-Rodriguez, José Juan ; Sidoumou, Zeinebou; Sidi’Ahmed-Kankou, Mohamed
122019Analysis and occurrence of benzotriazole ultraviolet stabilisers in different species of seaweedPacheco-Juárez, Javier; Montesdeoca Esponda, Sarah ; Torres Padrón, María Esther ; Sosa Ferrera, María Zoraida ; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan 
132019Monitoring and environmental risk assessment of benzotriazole UV stabilizers in the sewage and coastal environment of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain)Montesdeoca-Esponda, Sarah ; Álvarez-Raya, Cristina; Torres-Padrón, María Esther ; Sosa-Ferrera, Zoraida ; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan 
142018Applications of fabric phase sorptive extraction to the determination of micropollutants in liquid samplesMontesdeoca Esponda, Sarah ; Guedes Alonso, Rayco ; Santana Viera, Sergio ; Sosa Ferrera, María Zoraida ; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan applications_fabric_phase_sorptive.pdf.jpg
152018Analytical approaches for the determination of personal care products and evaluation of their occurrence in marine organismsMontesdeoca-Esponda, Sarah ; Checchini, Leonardo; Del Bubba, Massimo; Sosa-Ferrera, Zoraida ; Santana-Rodriguez, José Juan 
162018Chemical constituents derived from the Canaries marine sponge Myxilla sp.Ferriol Bunyola, Pere; Toledo Marante, Francisco J. ; Leon Oyola, Juan Francisco; Brouard Martin, Ignacio; Guedes Alonso, Rayco ; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan 
172018Identification and quantification, by NMR and LC-MS, of sterols isolated from the marine sponge Aplysina aerophobaFerriol, Pere ; Toledo Marante, Francisco J. ; Brouard Martin, Ignacio; Santana-Rodriguez, Jose J. ; Guedes Alonso, Rayco ; González Benkovics, Alba; Mioso, Roberto 
182018Applicability of the direct injection liquid chromatographic tandem mass spectrometric analytical approach to the sub-ng L−1 determination of perfluoro-alkyl acids in waste, surface, ground and drinking water samplesCiofi, Lorenzo; Renai, Lapo; Rossini, Daniele; Ancillotti, Claudia; Falai, Alida; Fibbi, Donatella; Bruzzoniti, Maria Concetta; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan ; Orlandini, Serena; Del Bubba, Massimo
192018Towards an IOT based system for detection and monitoring of microplastics in aquatic environmentsChaczko, Zenon ; Kale, Anup; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan ; Suarez-Araujo, Carmen Paz 
202017Simplified solid-phase extraction procedure combined with liquid chromatography tandem-mass spectrometry for multiresidue assessment of pharmaceutical compounds in environmental liquid samplesAfonso-Olivares, C. ; Čadková, T.; Sosa-Ferrera, Z. ; Santana-Rodríguez, J. J. ; Nováková, L.