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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12021A Corpus-Based Description of Locative Alternations: a Methodological ProposalBermúdez Romero, RaquelTrabajo final de grado
22020An Analysis of the use of adverbs in narrative Essays by EFL Learners at the University of the Las Palmas de Gran CanariaCruz Del Toro, ElenaTrabajo final de grado
32020Accreditation of Level B1 in English within the Framework of the European Higher Education Area: an Analysis of the Official Certificates Recognized by the ULPGCSuárez Santana, GuacimaraTrabajo final de grado
42020Building Grammar: A proposal to Include Grammatical Constructions in ESL LeamingCoruña Cabrera, Cristian De JesúsTrabajo final de grado
52020A comparative analysis of English monolingual dictionaries: requisites needed to meet university students' needs in the degree in Modern Languages (ULPGC)Granados Betancort, EduardoTrabajo final de grado
62020How often is the cuased-motion construction used in written English?Martín Medina, José MaríaTrabajo final de grado
72018A Corpus-Based Analysis of the Syntax and Semantics of Spray/Load VerbsHernández Viera, SaraTrabajo final de grado
82017Contextual Study and Analysis of the Learning of the English Language in Spain: an Unresolved ChallengeCruz Manzano, RaquelTrabajo final de grado
92016An Analysis of common errors in essay writing: a case study at The University of Las Palmas de Gran CanariaGuerra Rodríguez, ClaudiaTrabajo final de grado
102016Teaching english speaking skills to native speakers of Spanish: a reasonable challengeJiménez Vega, BelénTrabajo final de grado299995.pdf.jpg
112016Building a bridge between L1 and L2 when teaching grammarRodríguez Dorta, AlbaTrabajo final de grado299989.pdf.jpg
122015Learning English through video gamesMartel Galván, Francisco AridaneTrabajo final de grado299844.pdf.jpg
132015Teaching visually impaired students : how can teachers deal with it?García Gascón, LaraTrabajo final de grado299685.pdf.jpg
142015English language learners' motivation : what is the role of the teacher?González Martín, BeatrizTrabajo final de grado299678.pdf.jpg
152014Multiple intelligencesPlana Afonso, Omar AlexandreTrabajo final de grado
162014Approaches to second language teaching : Have we finally learned to teach?Díaz Bolaños, Daniel RobertoTrabajo final de grado299647.pdf.jpg
172014Incorporating the theory of multiple intelligences in the English classroom: a potential toolPlana Afonso, Omar AlexandreTrabajo final de grado299645.pdf.jpg