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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Morphological convolutional neural network architecture for digit recognitionMellouli, Dorra; Hamdani, Tarek M.; Sanchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Ayed, Mounir Ben; Alimi, Adel M.
22019Aplicación de Movilidad Compartida en la ULPGCRoger-Hernández, M.; Sánchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Herrera-Melián, J. A. 
32019Bioinspired computational intelligence and transportation systems: a long road aheadDel Ser, Javier; Osaba, Eneko; Sanchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Fister, Iztok
42019Special section on modeling & simulation of application scenarios for autonomous vehicles [Guest Editorial]Yasar, Ansar Ul Haque; Shakshuki, Elhadi M.; Medina, Javier S. 
52019Data Stream Mining Applied to Maximum Wind Forecasting in the Canary IslandsSanchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Antonio Guerra-Montenegro, Juan; Sanchez-Rodriguez, David ; Alonso-Gonzalez, Itziar G. ; Navarro-Mesa, Juan L. 
62019Introduction to the special issue on online learning for big-data driven transportation and mobilityDel Ser, Javier; Sanchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Vlahogianni, Eleni I.
72018Simulation toolsBrazalez, Alfonso; Matey, Luis; Nuñez, Borja; Paul, Ana; Sánchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Arnay, Rafael; Artunedo, Antonio; Campos-Cordobés, Sergio; Villagra, Jorge; López, Antonio M.; Vázquez, David; Villalonga, Gabriel
82018Special section editorial on "High performance computing in simulation and optimization of dynamic transportation networks" [Guest Editorial]Celikoglu, Hilmi Berk; Sanchez-Medina, Javier J. 
92018Multi-Objective Optimization of Bike Routes for Last-Mile Package Delivery with Drop-OffsOsaba, Eneko; Del Ser, Javier; Nebro, Antonio J.; Laña, Ibai; Bilbao, Miren Nekane; Sanchez-Medina, Javier J. 
102018ITS+DM Hackathon (ITSC 2017): Lane Departure Prediction with Naturalistic Driving DataAlekseenko, Andrey; Dang, Hien Q.; Bansal, Gaurav; Sánchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Miyajima, Chiyomi; Hirayama, Takatsugu; Takeda, Kazuya; Ide, Ichiro
112018The bus bunching problem: empirical Findings from spatial analyticsIliopoulou, Christina; Milioti, Christina; Vlahogianni, Eleni; Kepaptsoglou, Konstantinos; Sánchez-Medina, Javier J. 
122018Big data in road transport and mobility researchCampos-Cordobés, Sergio; Del Ser, Javier; Laña, Ibai; Olabarrieta, Ignacio (Iñaki); Sánchez-Cubillo, Javier; Sánchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Torre-Bastida, Ana I.
132018IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine: special issue on \2017 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety (ICVES'17)\ [Guest Editorial]Olaverri-Monreal, Cristina; Sanchez-Medina, Javier ; Garcia-Fernandez, Fernando
142018SUMO Performance Comparative Analysis of SUMO’s Speed Using Different Programming LanguagesRomero Santana, Samuel; Sanchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Sanchez Rodriguez, David ; Alonso Gonzalez, Itziar 
152018A simple classification approach to traffic flow state estimationdel Pino Saavedra Hernández, Aitor; Sánchez Medina, Javier J. ; Moraine-Matias, Luis
162017A combined voxel and particle filter-based approach for fast obstacle detection and tracking in automotive applicationsMorales, Nestor; Toledo, Jonay; Acosta, Leopoldo; Sanchez-Medina, Javier 
172017Hierarchical interval type-2 beta fuzzy knowledge representation system for path preference planningZouari, Mariam; Baklouti, Nesrine; Kammoun, Habib; Sanchez-Medina, Javier ; Ben Ayed, Mounir; Alimi, Adel M.
182017Indoor Localization based on Principal Components and Decision Trees in IEEE 802.15.7 Visible Light Communication NetworksSánchez-Rodríguez, David ; Alonso-González, Itziar ; Ley-Bosch, Carlos ; Sánchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Quintana-Suárez, Miguel A. ; Ramírez-Casañas, Carlos 
192017Micro flip teaching : an innovative model to promote the active involvement of studentsFidalgo-Blanco, Angel; Martinez-Nuñez, Margarita; Borrás-Gene, Oriol; Sánchez Medina, Javier Jesús 
202017Performance analysis of classification methods for indoor localization in VLC networksSánchez-Rodríguez, D. ; Alonso-González, I.; Sánchez-Medina, J. ; Ley-Bosch, C. ; Díaz-Vilariño, L.