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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Sleep apnea: Tracking effects of a first session of CPAP therapy by means of Granger causalityOrjuela-Cañón, Alvaro D.; Cerquera, Alexander; Freund, Jan A.; Juliá-Serdá, Gabriel; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. 
22020An oximetry based wireless device for sleep apnea detectionMendonça, Fábio; Mostafa, Sheikh Shanawaz; Morgado-Dias, Fernando; Ravelo García, Antonio Gabriel 
32020Matrix of Lags: A tool for analysis of multiple dependent time series applied for CAP scoringMendonça, Fábio; Mostafa, Sheikh Shanawaz; Morgado-Dias, Fernando; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. 
42020Study of Correlations between Clinical Signs and Morphological Features Identified in Dogs Affected with Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseFarray, David; Rodríguez Guisado, Francisco ; Muñoz Aznar, Yaiza; Ravelo García, Antonio Gabriel ; Jáber Mohamad, José Raduán 
52019On the application of a recurrent neural network for rainfall quantification based on the received signal from microwave LinksGuerra-Moreno, Iván ; Navarro-Mesa, Juan L. ; Ravelo-Garcia, Antonio G. ; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Rojas, I; Joya, G; Catala, A
62019An Approach to Rain Detection Using Sobel Image Pre-processing and Convolutional Neuronal NetworksGodoy-Rosario, Jose A.; Ravelo García, Antonio Gabriel ; Quintana Morales, Pedro José ; Navarro Mesa, Juan Luis ; Rojas, I; Joya, G; Catala, A
72019InnoEducaTIC 2019Sánchez-Rodríguez, David ; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. ; Travieso González, Carlos M. ; Alonso Hernández, Jesús B. ; Canino-Rodríguez, José M. ; Pérez Suárez, Santiago T. LibroActas_InnoEducaTIC_2019.pdf.jpg
82019A Review of Approaches for Sleep Quality AnalysisMendonça, Fábio; Mostafa, Sheikh Shanawaz; Morgado-Dias, Fernando; Ravelo-Garcia, Antonio G. ; Penzel, Thomas
92019Immunological and pathological investigations of non-specific reactive hepatitis in shelter dogsJaber Mohamad, Jose Raduan ; Velázquez-Wallraf, Alicia S.; Farray, David; Ravelo García, Antonio Gabriel ; Carrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado Javier ; Rodríguez Ventura, Myriam ; Perez, JoseImmunological_pathological_investigations_reactive _hepatitis_dogs.pdf.jpg
102019Improving the performance of the lip identification through the use of shape correctionTravieso González, Carlos Manuel ; Ravelo García, Antonio Gabriel ; Alonso Hernández, Jesús Bernardino ; Canino Rodríguez, José Miguel ; Dutta, Malay Kishore
112019A systematic review of detecting sleep apnea using deep learningShanawaz Mostafa, Sheikh; Mendonça, Fábio; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. ; Morgado-Dias, FernandoSystematic_Review_Detecting_Sleep.pdf.jpg
122019Application of the Entropy of Approximation for the nonlinear characterization in patients with Chagas DiseaseVizcardo, M.; Ravelo García, Antonio Gabriel ; Manrique, M.; Gomis, P.
132019Cyclic Alternating Pattern Estimation from One EEG Monopolar Derivation Using a Long Short-Term MemoryMendonca, Fabio; Mostafa, Sheikh Shanawaz; Morgado-Dias, Fernando; Ravelo-Garcia, Antonio G. 
142019SC3: self-configuring classifier combination for obstructive sleep apneaMostafa, Sheikh Shanawaz; Mendonca, Fabio; Juliá Serdá, Gabriel; Morgado-Dias, Fernando; Ravelo-Garcia, Antonio G. 
152019Sleep quality of subjects with and without sleep-disordered breathing based on the cyclic alternating pattern rate estimation from single-lead ECGMendonça, Fabio; Mostafa, Sheikh Shanawaz; Morgado-Dias, Fernando; Ravelo García, Antonio Gabriel ; Penzel, Thomas
162019Modeling a robust wind-speed forecasting to apply to wind-energy productionHernández-Travieso, José Gustavo; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B. ; Canino-Rodríguez, José Miguel ; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. 
172019Study of non-specific reactive hepatitis in stray dogsFarray, David; Suarez, Danilo; Velazquez-Wallraf, Alicia; Perez, Jose; Ravelo-García, Antonio ; Carrascosa, Conrado ; Rodriguez-Ventura, Myriam ; Jaber, Jose Raduan 
182018Writer identification approach by holistic graphometric features using off-line handwritten wordsVásquez, José L.; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. ; Alonso, Jesús B. ; Dutta, Malay Kishore; Travieso González, Carlos Manuel 
192018Devices for home detection of obstructive sleep apnea: A reviewMendonça, Fábio; Mostafa, Sheikh Shanawaz; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. ; Morgado-Dias, Fernando; Penzel, Thomas
202018WELCOME MESSAGE from the CHAIRMANSRavelo García, Antonio Gabriel ; Travieso, Carlos ; Alonso, Jesus ; Morgado-Dias