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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Wind variability in the Canary Current during the last 70 yearsMarrero Betancort, Nerea ; Marcello, Javier ; Rodríguez Esparragón, Dionisio ; Hernández-León, Santiago os-16-951-2020.pdf.jpg
22020Plankton Community Changes From Warm to Cold Winters in the Oligotrophic Subtropical OceanArmengol, Laia ; Franchy, Gara; Ojeda, Alicia ; Hernández-León, Santiago planktoncmmunitychanges.pdf.jpg
32019Chlorophyll-A estimation from remote sensing data of sea surface temperature and aerosol optical thickness through a shallow neural networkRodríguez Esparragón, Dionisio ; Marrero Betancort, Nerea; Marcello, Javier ; Hernandez-Leon, Santiago 
42019Trophic position of lanternfishes (Pisces: Myctophidae) of the tropical and equatorial Atlantic estimated using stable isotopesOlivar, M Pilar; Bode, Antonio; López-Pérez, Cristina; Hulley, P Alexander; Hernández León, Santiago Manuel 
52019Planktonic food web structure and trophic transfer efficiency along a productivity gradient in the tropical and subtropical Atlantic OceanArmengol, Laia ; Calbet, Albert; Franchy, Gara; Rodriguez-Santos, Adriana; Hernandez-Leon, Santiago planktonicfoodweb.pdf.jpg
62019Zooplankton abundance and diversity in the tropical and subtropical oceande Puelles, Ma Luz Fernández; Gazá, Magdalena; Cabanellas-Reboredo, Miguel; Santandreu, Ma del Mar; Irigoien, Xabier; González-Gordillo, Juan Ignacio; Duarte, Carlos M.; Hernández-León, Santiago Zooplanktonabundanceanddiversity.pdf.jpg
72019Vertical variability of Euphausia distinguenda metabolic rates during diel migration into the oxygen minimum zone of the Eastern Tropical Pacific off MexicoHerrera, Imma; Yebra, Lidia; Antezana, Tarsicio; Giraldo, Alan; Farber-Lorda, Jaime; Hernandez-Leon, Santiago 
82019Decadal-scale variability of sardine and anchovy simulated with an end-to-end coupled model of the Canary Current ecosystemSánchez-Garrido, J. C.; Werner, F. E.; Fiechter, J.; Rose, K. A.; Curchitser, E. N.; Ramos, A. ; García Lafuente, J.; Arístegui, J. ; Hernández-León, S. ; Rodríguez Santana, A. 
92019Carbon export through zooplankton active flux in the Canary CurrentHernández-León, S. ; Putzeys, S.; Almeida, C. ; Bécognée, P.; Marrero-Díaz, A. ; Arístegui, J. ; Yebra, L.
102019Interaction of sinking behaviour of Saharan dust and lithogenic and biogenic fluxes in the Canary BasinBáez-Hernández, Maite; García, Noemí; Menéndez González, Inmaculada ; Jaramillo, Alfredo; Sánchez-Pérez, Isora; Santana del Pino, Ángelo ; Alonso Bilbao, Ignacio ; Mangas Viñuela, José ; Hernández León, Santiago Manuel Interaction_sinking_behaviour.pdf.jpg
112019The estimation of metabolism in the mesopelagic zone: Disentangling deep-sea zooplankton respirationHernández León, Santiago Manuel ; Calles, Susana; Fernández De Puelles,María Luz 
122019Zooplankton and Micronekton Active Flux Across the Tropical and Subtropical Atlantic OceanHernández-León, Santiago ; Olivar, María Pilar; Fernández De Puelles,María Luz ; Bode, Antonio; Castellón, Arturo; López-Pérez, Cristina; Tuset, Víctor M.; González-Gordillo, José Ignacio
132018Trophic Diversity of Plankton in the Epipelagic and Mesopelagic Layers of the Tropical and Equatorial Atlantic Determined with Stable IsotopesBode, Antonio; Hernández León, Santiago Manuel Trophicdiversityplankton.pdf.jpg
142018Global distribution of tropical and subtropical copepodsFernández De Puelles,María Luz ; Gazá, Magdalena; Santandreu Jiménez, María Elvira ; Hernández-León, Santiago 
152017Transport pathways of decapod larvae under intense mesoscale activity in the Canary-African coastal transition zone: Implications for population connectivityLandeira Sánchez, José María ; Brochier, T.; Mason, E.; Lozano-Soldevilla, Fernando; Hernández-León, Santiago ; Barton, Eric D.Transport_pathways_decapod.pdf.jpg
162017Effects of copepods on natural microplankton communities: do they exert top-down control?Armengol Bove, Laia ; Franchy Gil, Gara; Ojeda, Alicia ; Santana-del Pino, Ángelo ; Hernández-León, Santiago 
172017The effect of a strong warm winter on subtropical zooplankton biomass and metabolismHerrera, I.; López Cancio, José A.; Yebra Mora, Lidia; Hernández-Léon, Santiago 
182017Advances in biochemical indices of zooplankton productionYebra Mora, Lidia; Kobari, T.; Sastri, A. R.; Gusmão, F.; Hernández-León, Santiago 
192016Grain size, morphometry and mineralogy of airborne input in the Canary basin: evidence of iron particle retention in the mixed layerJaramillo Vélez, Alfredo; Menéndez González, Inmaculada ; Alonso Bilbao, Ignacio ; Mangas, José ; Hernández-León, Santiago 0727499_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
202016Mesopelagic respiration near the ESTOC (European Station for Time-Series in the Ocean, 15.5°W, 29.1°N) site inferred from a tracer conservation modelFernández-Castro, B.; Arístegui, J. ; Anderson, L.; Montero, M. F. ; Hernández-León, S. ; Marañón, E.; Mouriño-Carballido, B.