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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A FACTS devices allocation procedure attending to load shareMarrero Vera, Samuel ; De La Nuez Pestana, Ignacio Agustín ; Hernández-Tejera, Francisco Mario 
22019Image-based driver drowsiness detectionDornaika, F.; Khattar, F.; Reta, J.; Arganda-Carreras, I.; Hernandez, M. ; Ruichek, Y.
32019Modularity as a means for complexity management in neural networks learningCastillo-Bolado, David; Guerra, Cayetano ; Hernández Tejera, Mario Modularity_Means_Complexity_Management.pdf.jpg
42016Methods for the management of distributed electricity networks using software agents and market mechanisms: A surveyLopez-Rodriguez, I.; Hernandez-Tejera, Mario ; Lopez, A. Luis
52016Reducing under-frequency load shedding in isolated power systems using neural networks. Gran Canaria : a case studyPadron, S.; Hernández, M. ; Falcón, A. 
62015Criticality in complex socio-technical systemsViejo, Pablo; De Durana, Jose Gonzalez; Barambones, Oscar; Hernández-Tejera, Francisco Mario ; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Gómez, José Évora; Kremers, Enrique
72015Swarm intelligence for frequency management in smart gridsEvora, Jose; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Hernandez, Mario ; Dzemyda, Gintautas; Kurasova, Olga; Kremers, Enrique
82015A MOPSO method for direct load control in smart gridEvora, Jose; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Hernandez, Mario 
92015Advantages of model driven engineering for studying complex systemsEvora, Jose; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Hernandez, Mario 
102015Regulation of the buyers' distribution in management systems based on simultaneous auctions and intelligent agentsLopez-Rodriguez, I.; Hernandez-Tejera, M. ; Hernandez-Cabrera, J.
112015Infrastructure based on supernodes and software agents for the implementation of energy markets in demand-response programsLopez-Rodriguez, I.; Hernandez-Tejera, M. 
122013Model driven engineering for data miners simulationEvora, Jose; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Hernandez, Mario 
132013Asynchronous approach to simulations in smart gridEvora, Jose; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Hernandez, Mario 
142013Tafat : a framework for developing simulators based on model driven engineeringEvora, Jose; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Hernandez, Mario 
152012Distance maps from unthresholded magnitudesAntón-Canalís, Luis; Hernández Tejera, Mario ; Sánchez-Nielsen, Elena
162012Selected papers from iberian conference on pattern recognition and image analysisHernández Tejera, Mario ; Sanches, João M.; Vitrià, Jordi
172011Fast classification in incrementally growing spacesDéniz Suárez,Oscar ; Castrillón-Santana, Modesto ; Lorenzo Navarro, José Javier ; Bueno, Gloria; Hernández Tejera, Francisco Mario fast_classification_incrementally_postprint.pdf.jpg
182011PrefacseVitrià, Jordi; Sanches, João Miguel; Hernández, Mario 
192011Heuristic algorithm for visual tracking of deformable objectsSánchez-Nielsen, Elena; Hernandez-Tejera, Mario 
202011Real-time tracking using A* heuristic search and template updatingSánchez-Nielsen, E.; Hernández-Tejera, M.