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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12009An automatic strategy for adaptive tetrahedral mesh generationMontenegro, R. ; Cascón, J. M.; Escobar, J. M. ; Rodriguez, E. ; Montero, G. ArtículoAutomatic_strategy_adaptive_tetrahedral.pdf.jpg
22008Generalized top and bottom binary n-tuplesGonzález, L. Actas de congresos
32008A new meccano technique for adaptive 3-D triangulationsCascón, J. M.; Montenegro, R. ; Escobar, J. M. ; Rodriguez, E. ; Montero, G. Actas de congresos
42008Splitting the unity, bisecting a graph: applications to stochastic Boolean systemsGonzález, Luis Actas de congresos