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12021Impacts of phosphorus loads on the water quality and the proliferation of harmful cyanobacteria in Foum-Gleita Reservoir (Mauritania)Sadegh, Ahmed Sidi; Sidoumou, Zeinebou; Dia, Mamadou; Pinchetti, Juan Luis Gómez ; Bouaïcha, NoureddineArtículo
22021Effects of a short pulse administration of Ulva rigida on innate immune response and intestinal microbiota in Sparus aurata juvenilesAbdala-Díaz, Roberto Teófilo; García-Márquez, Jorge; Rico, Rosa María; Gómez-Pinchetti, Juan Luis ; Mancera, Juan Miguel, et alArtículo
32021Short-Term Spatiotemporal Variability in Picoplankton Induced by a Submesoscale Front South of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)Hernández-Hernández, Nauzet ; Santana Falcon, Yeray ; Estrada-Allis, Sheila ; Arístegui, Javier Artículofmars-08-592703.pdf.jpg
42020Application of Optical Camera Communication to Microalgae Production PlantsJurado Verdú, Cristo Manuel ; Guerra, Victor ; Matus, Vicente; Rabadán, José A. ; Perez-Jimenez, Rafael , et alActas de congresos
52020Cyanobacteria and Red Macroalgae as Potential Sources of Antioxidants and UV Radiation-Absorbing Compounds for Cosmeceutical ApplicationsVega, Julia; Bonomi-Barufi, José; Gómez-Pinchetti, Juan Luis ; Figueroa, Félix L.Artículocyanobacteriaandredmacroalgae.pdf.jpg
62020Mass, nutrients and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) lateral transports off northwest Africa during fall 2002 and spring 2003Burgoa, Nadia; Machín, Francisco ; Marrero-Díaz, Ángeles ; Rodríguez Santana, Ángel ; Martínez-Marrero, Antonio , et alArtículomasstransportanddissolved.pdf.jpg
72020Antioxidant activity of extracts from marine macroalgae, wild-collected and cultivated, in an integrated multi-trophic aquaculture systemVega, Julia; Álvarez-Gómez, Félix; Güenaga Unzetabarrenechea, Leyre; Figueroa, Félix; Gómez-Pinchetti, Juan Luis Artículo
82020Untreated sewage outfalls do not promote Trichodesmium blooms in the coasts of the Canary IslandsBenavides Gorostegui,Mar ; Arístegui Ruiz, Javier Artículountreatedsewageoutfalls.pdf.jpg
92020INT Toxicity over Natural Bacterial Assemblages from Surface Oligotrophic Waters: Implications for the Assessment of Respiratory ActivityBaños, Isabel ; Montero, María F. ; Benavides Gorostegui,Mar ; Arístegui, Javier Artículo
102020Extracellular polymeric substances with high radical scavenging ability produced in outdoor cultivation of the thermotolerant chlorophyte Graesiella sp.Gongi, Wejdene; Cordeiro, Nereida; Pinchetti, Juan Luis Gómez ; Sadok, Saloua; Ben Ouada, HatemArtículo
112020A short pulse of dietary algae boosts immune response and modulates fatty acid composition in juvenile Oreochromis niloticusGarcía-Márquez, Jorge; Rico, Rosa María; Sánchez-Saavedra, M. del Pilar; Gómez-Pinchetti, Juan Luis ; Acién, Francisco Gabriel, et alArtículo
122020Factors controlling plankton community production, export flux, and particulate matter stoichiometry in the coastal upwelling system off PeruBach, Lennart Thomas; Paul, Allanah Joy; Boxhammer, Tim; von der Esch, Elisabeth; Graco, Michelle, et alArtículofactorscontrollingplankton.pdf.jpg
132020Production of exopolymer substances from the thermophilic chlorophyte Graesiella: industrial and ecological applicationsGongi, Wejdene; Cordeiro, Nereida; Pinchetti, Juan Luis Gómez ; Ben Ouada, HatemArtículo
142020Natural Pigments and Biogas Recovery from Microalgae Grown in WastewaterArashiro, Larissa T.; Ferrer, Ivet; Pániker, Catalina C.; Gómez-Pinchetti, Juan Luis ; Rousseau, Diederik P. L., et alArtículonaturalpigments.pdf.jpg
152020Drivers of Plankton Distribution Across Mesoscale Eddies at Submesoscale RangeHernández-Hernández, Nauzet ; Arístegui, Javier ; Montero, María F. ; Velasco-Senovilla, Esther; Baltar, Federico, et alArtículodriversofplankton.pdf.jpg
162020Variability in Water-Column Respiration and Its Dependence on Organic Carbon Sources in the Canary Current Upwelling RegionArístegui, Javier ; Montero, María F. ; Hernández-Hernández, Nauzet ; Alonso-González, Iván J.; Baltar, Federico, et alArtículovariabilitywatercolumn.pdf.jpg
172020Offshore transport of organic carbon by upwelling filaments in the Canary Current SystemSantana Falcon, Yeray ; Mason, Evan; Arístegui, Javier Artículo
182019Effects of Elevated CO2 on a Natural Diatom Community in the Subtropical NE AtlanticBach, Lennart T.; Hernández Hernández, Nauzet ; Taucher, Jan; Spisla, Carsten; Sforna, Claudia, et alArtículoEffectsofelevated.pdf.jpg
192019Dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the open Mediterranean Sea. II: Basin–wide distribution and drivers of fluorescent DOMMartínez-Pérez, Alba María; Catalá, Teresa S.; Nieto-Cid, Mar; Otero, Jaime; Álvarez, Marta, et alArtículo
202019Decadal-scale variability of sardine and anchovy simulated with an end-to-end coupled model of the Canary Current ecosystemSánchez-Garrido, J. C.; Werner, F. E.; Fiechter, J.; Rose, K. A.; Curchitser, E. N., et alArtículo