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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Unconditional quantile regression and tourism expenditure: The case of the Canary IslandsPérez-Rodríguez, Jorge V. ; Ledesma-Rodríguez, Francisco
22019Economic growth and market segment choice in tourism-based economiesGiannoni, Sauveur; Hernández, Juan M. ; Pérez-Rodríguez, Jorge V. 
32019Modelling tourism receipts and associated risks, using long-range dependence modelsPérez-Rodríguez, Jorge V. ; Santana-Gallego, María
42019Modelling tourist expenditure at origin and destinationGómez Déniz, Emilio ; Pérez Rodríguez, Jorge Vicente ; Boza Chirino, Jose 
52019Modelling bimodality of length of tourist stayGómez-Déniz, E. ; Pérez-Rodríguez, J. V. 
62019International trade, exchange rate regimes, and financial crisesSantana-Gallego, Maria; Pérez-Rodríguez, Jorge V. 
72019Another look at the implied and realised volatility relation: a copula-based approachPérez-Rodríguez, Jorge V. 
82019Characterizing the highly cited articles: a large-scale bibliometric analysis of the top 1% most cited researchDorta González, Pablo ; Santana Jiménez, Yolanda 
92019Volatility transmission between stock and foreign exchange markets: a connectedness analysisFernández Rodríguez, Fernando ; Sosvilla Rivero,Simón Javier 
102019Air pollution and tourism demand: a case study of Beijing, ChinaZhou, Xiaoge; Santana Jiménez, Yolanda ; Pérez Rodríguez, Jorge Vicente ; Hernández Guerra, Juan María 
112018Assessing branch efficiency and managerial behaviour in a large Spanish commercial bankCabrera Suárez, Idaira; Pérez-Rodríguez, Jorge V. 
122018Fear connectedness among asset classesAndrada-Félix, Julián ; Fernandez-Perez, Adrian; Sosvilla-Rivero, Simón
132018Time connectedness of fearAndrada Félix, Julián ; Fernández Pérez,Adrián ; Fernández Rodríguez, Fernando ; Sosvilla Rivero,Simón Javier 
142018Prevalence and citation advantage of gold open access in the subject areas of the Scopus databaseDorta-González, Pablo ; Santana-Jiménez, Yolanda Paper Final version to Research Evaluation P Dorta-González.pdf.jpg
152018Modelling distribution of aggregate expenditure on tourismGómez Déniz, Emilio ; Pérez Rodríguez, Jorge Vicente 
162017Determinantes de estabilidad cambiaria en países miembros y candidatos de la Unión Europea: un análisis basado en algoritmos genéticosRamos-Herrera, M. D. C.; Acosta González, Eduardo 
172017Modelling the asymmetric probabilistic delay of aircraft arrivalPérez Rodríguez, Jorge Vicente ; Pérez Sánchez, José María ; Gómez Déniz, Emilio 
182017Land use conversion from tourist to residentialSantana-Jiménez, Yolanda ; Hernández, Juan M. ; Suárez-Vega, Rafael 
192017Predicting Corporate Financial Failure Using Macroeconomic Variables and Accounting DataAcosta-González, Eduardo; Fernández-Rodríguez, Fernando ; Ganga, Hicham
202017Mixture inverse Gaussian for unobserved heterogeneity in the autoregressive conditional duration modelGómez–Déniz, Emilio ; Pérez–Rodríguez, Jorge V.