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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12021English as the Official Working Language of the European Union: What Does the Future Hold?Henríquez Tejera, SaraTrabajo final de grado
22021Revision of Curricular Adaptations for Students with ADHDSánchez Arbelo, Ana BelénTrabajo final de grado
32021The Acculturation Process of the Pakistani Community in the United Kingdom During the 80s Seen Through British Cinema: My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) an Blinded by The Light (2019)Magdalena Lima, IracheTrabajo final de grado
42021A Comparative Study Between the Measures Taken in Education by the Dutch and Spanish Government in the Aftermath of the COVID-19Padrón García, AndreaTrabajo final de grado
52021The Voice of the Shuttle is (still) Ours: Philomela as a Feminist SymbolMiranda Piñero, Leonor Del PilarTrabajo final de grado
62021The Role of Poetry in Teaching English as a Foreing LanguageFeo Cabrera, AlbaTrabajo final de grado
72021Filial Piety, Respect for One¿s Parents, Elders and Ancestors as Presented in Two Chinese Film of the 1930sGheza, CoraTrabajo final de grado
82021La representación de China en medios audiovisuales españolesLeón Valdivia, MartaTrabajo final de grado
92021Persuasion in Political DiscoursesLoarces Villalba, JuliaTrabajo final de grado
102021Literary Analysis of The Old Man and the Sea from an Existentialist PerspectivePérez Molina, SilviaTrabajo final de grado
112021Pollution and the Environment in Contemporary ArtQuesada Pérez, MaríaTrabajo final de grado
122021The Use of New Technologies for the Teaching of English: The case of I.E.S SchamannGonzález Del Pino, CarlaTrabajo final de grado
132021Francis Scott Fitzgerald's "Babylon Revisited": Crack-Up and RedemptionValido Guedes, Sara IsabelTrabajo final de grado
142021The Role of Women in Spielberg's Films The Color Purple (1985) and Schindler's List (1993)Manrique Limón, Luisa FranciscaTrabajo final de grado
152021A Corpus-Based Description of Locative Alternations: a Methodological ProposalBermúdez Romero, RaquelTrabajo final de grado
162021Analysing the Intercultural Competence and its Role in the Textbooks used at San Bartolomé High School in LanzaroteCamejo Lemes, KataisaTrabajo final de grado
172020Anglicismos en los artículos médicos en lengua rusaHlibka, MarynaTrabajo final de gradoGIA Hlibka Maryna.PDF.jpg
182020The Circle Time Parade of Changes: The Trials and Tribulations of Phil OchsPérez Vega, CarmeloTrabajo final de grado
192020Annual Plan: Second Year Of Secondary EducationValadés Talavera, María De Los ÁngelesTrabajo final de máster
202020'Does Father Know Best?: The conflict between tradition and modernity in Ang Lee's earliest filmsMartel Díaz, LauraTrabajo final de grado