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1997Focal length calibration for depth recovery using a focusing techniqueCastrillón-Santana, Modesto ; Guerra Artal, Cayetano Nicolás ; Cabrera Gámez, Jorge ; Hernández Tejera, Francisco Mario 
2006Is there a link between the type of habitat and the patterns of abundance of holothurians in shallow rocky reefs?Tuya, Fernando ; Hernández, José Carlos; Clemente, Sabrina
2007Eruptive and structural history of Teide Volcano and rift zones of Tenerife, Canary IslandsCarracedo, J. C. ; Rodríguez-Badiola, Eduardo; Guillou, H.; Paterne, M.; Scaillet, S.; Pérez Torrado, F. J. ; Paris, R.; Fra-Paleo, U.; Hansen, Alex
2007ENCARA2: Real-time detection of multiple faces at different resolutions in video streamsCastrillón, M. ; Déniz Suárez, Oscar; Guerra Artal, Cayetano Nicolás; Hernández, M. 
2008Simultaneous aligning and smoothing of Surface triangulationsEscobar, J. M. ; Montenegro, R. ; Rodríguez, E. ; Montero, G. 
2008Dynamic analysis of piled foundations in stratified soils by a BEM-FEM modelPadrón, L. A. ; Aznárez, J. J. ; Maeso, O. 
2010Wavelet analysis of correlation among Canary Islands octopus captures per unit effort, sea-surface temperatures and the North Atlantic OscillationPolanco, J.; Ganzedo López, Unai; Sáenz, J.; Caballero Alfonso, Ángela María; Castro, J.J. 
2010Microwave assisted extraction with micellar media for determination of fluoroquinolones in coastal marine sediments followed by HPLC with fluorescence detectionMontesdeoca-Esponda, Sarah ; Sosa-Ferrera Z. ; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan 
2010On the dynamics of Sardina pilchardus: orbits of stability and environmental forcingSolari, Aldo Pier; García-Santamaría, María Teresa; Borges, M. F.; Santos, A. M. P.; Mendes, H.; Balguerías-Guerra, Eduardo; Díaz Cordero, J. A.; Castro, J. J. ; Bas Peired, Carlos
2010Comparison between 2.5-D and 3-D realistic models for wind field adjustmentFerragut Canals, Luis; Montenegro, R. ; Montero, G. ; Rodríguez, E. ; Asensio Sevilla, María Isabel; Escobar, J. M. 
2010Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in Sorbus aria (Rosaceae)González González, Edna Amada; González Pérez, Miguel Ángel; Rivero, Elisabeth; Sosa, P. A. 
2011Carbonate system buffering in the water masses of the Southwest Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean during February-March 2008González-Dávila, Melchor ; Santana-Casiano, J. Magdalena ; Fine, R. A.; Happell, J.; Delille, B.; Speich, S.
2011The relative influence of local to regional drivers of variation in reef fishesTuya, F. ; Wernberg, T.; Thomsen, Mads S.
2011Updating incomplete factorization preconditioners for shifted linear systems arising in a wind modelSuárez Sarmiento, Antonio F. ; Sarmiento Almeida, Héctor; Flórez, E. ; García León, M. Dolores; Montero, G. 
2011Biogenic habitat structure provided by temperate macroalgae change along a latitudinal gradient in ocean climateWernberg, T.; Thomsen, Mads S.; Tuya, F. ; Kendrick, Gary A.
2011GDH activity and ammonium excretion in the marine mysid, "Leptomysis lingvura": effects of age and starvationFernández-Urruzola, Igor ; Packard, Theodore T ; Gómez, May 
2012Multithread parallelization of lepp-bisection algorithmsRivara, María Cecilia; Rodríguez Moreno, Pedro; Montenegro, Rafael ; Jorquera, Gastón
2012Intrinsic ordering, combinatorial numbers and reliability engineeringGonzález Sánchez, Luis 
2012Normalized Frobenius condition number of the orthogonal projections of the identitySuárez Sarmiento, Antonio F. ; González Sánchez, Luis 
2013Preservation of seagrass clonal integration buffers against burial stressTuya, F. ; Espino, Fernando; Terrados, J.