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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A 0.5 v fully differential transimpedance amplifier in 65-nm CMOS technologyGarcia-Vazquez, Hugo ; Dualibe, Fortunato Carlos; Popov, Grigory
2017A 1.2-V 730-nW 10-Hz-3.5-kHz programmable biopotential front-endPulido, R.; Santana-Abril, J.; Sosa, J.; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. 
2012A 14-Item Mediterranean Diet Assessment Tool and Obesity Indexes among High-Risk Subjects: The PREDIMED TrialMartínez-González, Miguel Ángel; García-Arellano, Ana; Toledo, Estefanía; Salas-Salvadó, Jordi; Buil-Cosiales, P.; Corella, Dolores; Covas, María Isabel; Schröder, H.; Arós, Fernando; Gómez-Gracia, Enrique; Fiol, Miquel; Ruiz-Gutierrez, V.; Lapetra, José; Lamuela-Raventós, R.M.; Serra-Majem, Lluis ; Pinto, Xavier; Muñoz, Miguel-Angel; Warnberg, Julia; Ros, Emilio; Estruch, Ramón; for the PREDIMED Study Investigators
2010A 15-year-old immigrant man with convulsions and nephritic syndromeHernández-Cabrera, M. ; Medina-Gens, L.; Muro, A.; Pérez-Arellano, J. L.
2007A 3-10 GHz ultrawideband SiGe LNA with wideband LC matching networkDel Pino, J. ; Khemchandani, S. L. ; García, H. ; Pulido, R.; Goñi, A.; Hernández, A.
2001A 3-D boundary element model for the dynamic analysis of arch dams with porous sedimentsAznárez, J. ; Maeso, O. ; Domínguez, J.
2011A 40-month multicentre, randomised placebo-controlled study to assess the efficacy and carry-over effect of repeated intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid in knee osteoarthritis: The AMELIA projectNavarro-Sarabia, F.; Coronel, P.; Collantes, E.; Navarro, F. J.; Rodriguez De La Serna, A.; Naranjo, A. ; Gimeno, M.; Herrero-Beaumont, G.
1988A 46-kDa antigen associated with estrogen receptor in human breast cancerDíaz-Chico, B. N. ; Ogasawara, Y.; Chamness, G. C.; Salman, M.; McGuire, W. L.
2008A 4D trajectory negotiation protocol for arrival and approach sequencingRodríguez, José Miguel Canino ; Déniz, Luis Gómez ; Herrero, Jesús García; Portas, Juan Besada; Corredera, José Ramón Casar
2016A 65-nm CMOS battery-less temperature sensor node for RF-powered wireless sensor networksPopov, Grigory; Dualibe, Fortunato C.; Moeyaert, Veronique; Ndungidi, Papy; García-Vázquez, Hugo ; Valderrama, Carlos
2011A 69-year-old man with excessive sweating of the right hemithoraxGil-Diaz, Aida; Conde-Martel, Alicia ; Betancor-Leon, Pedro
2014A 77-year old woman with torpid ulcer in the gingiva of several months duration that does not heal despite established treatmentVicente-Barrero, M. ; Bocanegra-Pérez, M. S.; Sosa-Henríquez, M. 
2006A 900 MHz multiphase LC oscillator with sinusoidal outputs in SiGe technologyRegidor, Raúl; Esper-Chaín, Roberto ; Tobajas, Félix ; Santana, Octavio; Sarmiento, Roberto 
2017A bark recognition algorithm for plant classification using a least square support vector machineBlaanco, Luis J.; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Quinteiro, Jose M. ; Hernandez, Pablo V. ; Dutta, Malay Kishore; Singh, Anushikha
1998A Bayesian approach to double bounded contingent valuationLeón, Carmelo J.; Vázquez-Polo, Francisco José 
2019A Bayesian asymmetric logistic model of factors underlying team success in top-level basketball in SpainPérez-Sánchez, José María ; Salmerón-Gómez, Román; Ocaña-Peinado, Francisco M.
2015A Bayesian generalized random regression model for estimating heritability using overdispersed count dataMair, Colette; Stear, Michael ; Johnson, Paul; Denwood, Matthew; Jimenez De Cisneros, Joaquin Prada; Stefan, Thorsten; Matthews, Louise
2002A Bayesian model for benefit transfer: Application to national parks in SpainLeón, C. J.; Vázquez-Polo, F. J. ; Guerra, N.; Riera, P.
2009A Bayesian net benefit approach to cost-effectiveness analysis in health technology assessmentMoreno, Elías; Girón, Francisco Javier; Vázquez-Polo, Francisco José ; Negrín, Miguel A. 
2015A Bayesian sensitivity study of risk difference in the meta-analysis of binary outcomes from sparse dataVázquez-Polo, Francisco Jose ; Moreno, Elías; Negrín, Miguel A. ; Martel, Maria