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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A bark recognition algorithm for plant classification using a least square support vector machineBlaanco, Luis J.; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Quinteiro, Jose M. ; Hernandez, Pablo V. ; Dutta, Malay Kishore; Singh, Anushikha
1998A Bayesian approach to double bounded contingent valuationLeón, Carmelo J.; Vázquez-Polo, Francisco José 
2019A Bayesian asymmetric logistic model of factors underlying team success in top-level basketball in SpainPérez-Sánchez, José María ; Salmerón-Gómez, Román; Ocaña-Peinado, Francisco M.
2015A Bayesian generalized random regression model for estimating heritability using overdispersed count dataMair, Colette; Stear, Michael ; Johnson, Paul; Denwood, Matthew; Jimenez De Cisneros, Joaquin Prada; Stefan, Thorsten; Matthews, Louise
2002A Bayesian model for benefit transfer: Application to national parks in SpainLeón, C. J.; Vázquez-Polo, F. J. ; Guerra, N.; Riera, P.
2009A Bayesian net benefit approach to cost-effectiveness analysis in health technology assessmentMoreno, Elías; Girón, Francisco Javier; Vázquez-Polo, Francisco José ; Negrín, Miguel A. 
2015A Bayesian sensitivity study of risk difference in the meta-analysis of binary outcomes from sparse dataVázquez-Polo, Francisco Jose ; Moreno, Elías; Negrín, Miguel A. ; Martel, Maria 
2006A bedside scoring system ("Candida score") for early antifungal treatment in nonneutropenic critically ill patients with Candida colonizationLeón, Cristóbal; Ruiz-Santana, Sergio ; Saavedra, Pedro; Almirante, Benito; Nolla-Salas, Juan; Álvarez-Lerma, Francisco; Garnacho-Montero, José; León, María Ángeles
2017A benchmarking project on the quality of previous guidelines about the management of malignant pleural effusion from the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS) Pleural Diseases Working GroupBertolaccini, Luca; Bedetti, Benedetta; Brunelli, Alessandro; Marinova, Katerina; Raveglia, Federico; Rocco, Gaetano; Shargall, Yaron; Solli, Piergiorgio; Varela, Gonzalo; Papagiannopoulos, Kostas; Kuzdzal, Jaroslaw; Massard, Gilbert; Ruffini, Enrico; Falcoz, Pierre Emmanuel; Martinez-Barenys, Carlos; Opitz, Isabelle; Batirel, Hasan F.; Toker, Alper; Scarci, Marco; Araujo, Carlos; Bogyó, Levente; Caruana, Edward; Martucci, Nicola; Panagiopoulos, Nick
2012A best proximity point theorem for Geraghty-contractionsCaballero, J.; Harjani, J. ; Sadarangani, K. 1687-1812-2012-231.pdf.jpg
2000A bioeconomic model for the cage production of gilthead seabream Sparus aurata in the Canary IslandsGasca Leyva, José Francisco Eucario; Hernández, Juan M. ; Vergara Martín, José Manuel ; León González, Carmelo 
2007A biologically based chemo-sensing UAV for humanitarian deminingBermúdez i Badia, Sergi ; Bernardet, Ulysses; Guanella, Alexis; Pyk, Pawel; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2005A biologically based flight control system for a blimp-based UAVBermúdez i Badia, Sergi ; Pyk, Pawel; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2014A Bluetooth network dynamic graphFerreira, Celio Marcio Soares; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto R.; Gambini, Haroldo Santos; Frery, Alejandro C. ; Delabrida, Saul; Carneiro, Mateus Freire
2014A Brief History of the Evolution of Chinese Calligraphy and its ImportanceDámaso Martín, Julio Homar
2013A Brief Review of Actual Dune Dynamics Modeling: Applicability to El Fangar Dune System (Ebro Delta-Spain)Barrio-Parra, F.; Rodriguez-Santalla, I.; Sanchez-Garcia, M.; Montoya-Montes, I. 
2014A brushless DC motor control software C library based on ATmega64M1 applied to teachingFabelo, Himar A. ; Cabrera, José ; Vega, Aurelio; Déniz, Víctor
1989A by-pass to the internal jugular. An original method to salvage a dysfunctional vascular prosthesis in the arm for hemodialysisAbad, C. ; Campistol, J. M.; García, M.; Torras, A.
1998A C80 DSP-based active vision system for real-time trackingGuerra Artal, Cayetano Nicolás ; Castrillón-Santana, Modesto ; Hernández Sosa, José Daniel ; Isern González, José ; Cabrera Gámez, Jorge ; Hernández Tejera, Francisco Mario C004_ICSPAT98.pdf.jpg
2000A case study in developing sustainable tourism in the Philippines: a top-level (management) approachSusana B. Codotco