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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006On solutions of a neutral differential equation with deviating argumentBanaś, J.; Cabrera, I. J. 
2007On existence and asymptotic behaviour of solutions of a functional integral equationBanaś, Józef; Cabrera, Ignacio J. 
2009Existence of solutions of a nonlinear integral equation on an unbounded intervalCabrera, I. J. ; Sadarangani, K. B. 
2011Positive solutions for a class of singular fractional boundary value problemsCaballero, J.; Harjani, J. ; Sadarangani, K. 
2011Existence and uniqueness of positive solution for a boundary value problem of fractional orderSadarangani, K. ; Harjani, J. ; Harjani, J. 
2011Positive and nondecreasing solutions to a singular boundary value problem for nonlinear fractional differential equationsCaballero, J. ; Harjani, J. ; Sadarangani, K. 
2012Positive and nondecreasing solutions to an m-point boundary value problem for nonlinear fractional differential equationCabrera, I. J. ; Harjani, J. ; Sadarangani, K. B. 
2012Positive solutions of nonlinear fractional differential equations with integral boundary value conditionsCaballero, J. ; Cabrera, I. ; Sadarangani, K. 
2012Existence and uniqueness of positive solutions for a singular fractional three-point boundary value problemCabrera, I. J. ; Harjani, J. ; Sadarangani, K. B. 
2015Existence and uniqueness of solutions for a class of fractional differential coupled system with integral boundary conditionsHarjani, Jackie ; Rocha, Juan ; Sadarangani, Kishin 
2016A non-local problem with discontinuous matching condition for loaded mixed type equation involving the Caputo fractional derivativeSadarangani, Kishin ; Abdullaev, O. K.
2016Non-local problems with integral gluing condition for loaded mixed type equations involving the Caputo fractional derivativeAbdullaev, Obidjon Khayrullayevich; Sadarangani, Kishin B. 
2017Solvability of a fractional integral equation with the concept of measure of noncompactnessSadarangani Sadarangani, Kishin B. ; Samet, Bessem
2017Positive solutions in the space of Lipschitz functions for fractional boundary value problems with integral boundary ConditionsCaballero Mena, Josefa ; Darwish, Mohamed Abdalla; Sadarangani, Kishin