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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Aportación del algoritmo inverso de Cuthill-Mckee a la fotogrametría analíticaAlmeida Benítez, Pedro Ramón ; San Juan Hernán-Pérez, A.
2012Normalized Frobenius condition number of the orthogonal projections of the identitySuárez Sarmiento, Antonio F. ; González Sánchez, Luis 
2013Geometrical and Spectral Properties of the Orthogonal Projections of the IdentityGonzález, Luis ; Suárez Sarmiento, Antonio F. ; García León, M. Dolores 
2013Improving approximate inverses based on Frobenius norm minimizationGonzález, Luis ; Suárez Sarmiento, Antonio F. 
2016A generalization of the Moore-Penrose inverse related to matrix subspaces of C(nxm)Suárez Sarmiento, Antonio F. ; González Sánchez, Luis