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1983Progesttn augmentation of gonadotropin-stimulated progesterone production by cultured rat granulosa cellsFanjul, L. F. ; De Galarreta, Ruiz; Hsueh, Aaron J.W.
1983The nuclear estrogen receptor in the rat uterus throughout the estrous cycle and its relation to the cytosolic progesterone receptorSosa, A.; Gomez, J.; Diaz Chico, B. N. 
1983Constituents Of The Compositae .45. Phenolic Derivatives From Artemisia-GlutinosaGonzalez, Ag; Bermejo, J; Estevez, F ; Velazquez, R
1984Relations between<sup>3</sup>H-estradiol uptake and receptor content of estrogen responsive tissues of castrated female ratGomez-Benitez, J.; Sosa-Gonzalez, A.; Diaz-Chico, B. N. 
1984Regulation of 3β‐Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Activity by Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Androgens, and Antiandrogens in Cultured Testicular CellsGALARRETA, C. M.R.; FANJUL, L. F. ; ADASHI, E. Y.; HSUEH, A. J.W.
1984Estrogen regulation of progestin biosynthetic enzymes in cultured rat granulosa cellsFanjul, L. F. ; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.; Hsueh, A. J.W.
1984Relations between cytosolic and nuclear estrogen receptors in castrated rat uterus following low 17β-estradiol dosesDíaz chico, B. N. ; Sosa González, A.; Gómez Benítez, J.
1985Progestin regulation of progesterone biosynthetic enzymes in cultured rat granulosa cellsRuiz de Galarreta, Carlos M.; Fanjul, Luisa F. ; Hsueh, Aaron J.W.
1985Time course of anterior pituitary estrogen receptor after low 17β-estradiol doses in ovariectomized ratsGómez-Benítez, J.; Díaz-Chico, B. N. 
1986Effect of perinatal androgenization on the estrogen receptor content evolution in anterior pituitary and uterus during prepubertal development of the ratGonzalez-Quijano, M. I.; Castellano, E.; Diaz Chico, B. N. 
1986Absence of ovarian control of uterine and pituitary estrogen receptor concentration during the first weeks of life in the ratGonzalez-Quijano, M. I.; Castellano, E.; Diaz Chico, B. N. 
1987Gaba binding in bovine adrenal medulla membranes is sensitive to baclofenMartinez, P.; Gimenez, A.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Oset-Gasque, M. J.; Cañadas, S.; González, M. P.
1987Relationship between unbound oestrogen receptors in the uterus and anterior pituitary gland after implantation of oestradiol-17β into ratsCastellano-Diaz, E.; Gonzalez-Quijano, M. I.; Diaz-Chico, B. N. 
1987One haplotype is associated with the Swiss type of hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin in the Yugoslavian populationEfremov, G. D.; Gjorgovski, I.; Stojanovski, N.; Diaz-Chico, J. C. ; Harano, T.; Kutlar, F.; Huisman, T. H.J.
1987An ~300 bp deletion involving part of the 5' β-globin gene region is observed in members of a Turkish family with β-thalassemiaDiaz-Chico, J. C. ; Yang, K. G.; Kutlar, A.; Reese, A. L.; Aksoy, M.; Huisman, T. H.J.
1987An Approximately-300 Bp Deletion Involving Part Of The 5' Beta-Globin Gene Region Is Observed In Members Of A Turkish Family With Beta-ThalassemiaDiazchico, Jc ; Yang, Kg; Kutlar, A; Reese, Al; Aksoy, M; Huisman, Thj
1987Insulin but not phorbol ester treatment increases phosphorylation of vinculin by protein kinase C in BC3H-1 myocytesCooper, Denise R.; de Ruiz Galaretta, Carlos M.; Fanjul, Luisa F. ; Mojsilovic, Ljubomir; Standaert, Mary L.; Pollet, Robert J.; Farese, Robert V.
1987ACTH increases diacylglycerol content and subcellular redistribution of protein kinase C in the rat adrenal in vivoFarese, Robert V.; Fanjul, Luisa F. ; de Ruiz Galarreta, C. M.; Davis, John S.; Cooper, Denise R.
1987Relationship between occupied form of nuclear estrogen receptor and cytosolic progesterone receptor or DNA synthesis in uteri of estradiol implanted ratsCastellano-Diaz, E.; Gonzalez-Quijano, M. I.; Diaz-Chico, B. N. 
1987Ovarian and adrenal influence on the ontogenesis of uterine cytosol and nuclear receptors of estrogensGonzález-Quijano, M. I.; Castellano, E.; Díaz-Chico, B. N.