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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Análisis numérico de la ecuación de medios porosos con absorciónÁlvarez León, Luis Miguel 
1991Sufficient and necessary initial mass conditions for the existence of a waiting time in nonlinear-convection processesAlvarez, L ; Diaz, J. I.
1992Image selective smoothing and edge detection by nonlinear diffusion. IIAlvarez, Luis ; Lions, Pierre Louis; Morel, Jean Michel
1992Axioms And New Operators Of Mathematical MorphologyAlvarez, L ; Guichard, F; Lions, Pl; Morel, Jm
1992Axioms And Fundamental Equations Of Image-Processing - Multiscale Analysis And PdeAlvarez, L ; Guichard, F; Lions, Pl; Morel, Jm
1992Fundamental Equations Of Multiscale Analysis Of MoviesAlvarez, L ; Guichard, F; Lions, Pl; Morel, Jm
1992Image Selective Smoothing And Edge-Detection By Nonlinear Diffusion .2Alvarez, L ; Lions, Pl; Morel, Jm
1993On the initial growth of interfaces in reaction-diffusion equations with strong absorptionAlvarez, Luis ; Diaz, Jesus Ildefonso
1993Axioms and fundamental equations of image processingAlvarez, Luis ; Guichard, Frédéric; Lions, Pierre Louis; Morel, Jean Michel
1994Formalization and computational aspects of image analysisAlvarez, Luis ; Morel, Jean Michel
1994Signal and image restoration using shock filters and anisotropic diffusionAlvarez, Luis ; Mazorra, Luis 
1995Image quantization by nonlinear smoothingAlvarez, L ; Esclarin, J
1995Image restoration scale spaceAlvarez, L ; Mazorra, L ; Santana, F
1997Affine morphological multiscale analysis of corners and multiple junctionsAlvarez, Luis ; Morales, Freya
1997Image enhancement using an optimum quantizerAlvarez, Luis ; Esclarín, Julio ; González, Esther ; Mazorra, Luis 
1997Image quantization using reaction-diffusion equationsAlvarez, Luis ; Esclarín, Julio 
1999Scales in natural images and a consequence on their bounded variation normAlvarez, Luis ; Gousseau, Yann; Morel, Jean Michel
1999The size of objects in natural and artificial imagesAlvarez, Luis ; Gousseau, Yann; Morel, Jean Michel
1999Sobre un problema de optimización no-lineal en visión estereoscópicaÁlvarez León, Luis Miguel ; Sánchez, Javier 0537861_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
1999A PDE model for computing the optical flowÁlvarez León, Luis Miguel ; Esclarín Monreal, Julio ; Lefébure, Martin; Sánchez, Javier 0537868_00000_0000.pdf.jpg