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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Fluorimetric determination of zinc with pyrocatechin-1-aldehyde 2-benzothiazolylhydrazonePerera, A. M.Afonso; Santana, J. J. ; Montelongo, F. García
1984Pyrocatechol-1-aldehyde salicyloylhydrazone as reagent for the spectrofluorimetric determination of zincAfonso, A. M.; Santana, J. J. ; González, M. P.; Montelongo, F. García
1985Pyrocatechol-1-aldehyde 2-benzothiazolylhydrazone as reagent for the spectrofluorimetric determination of nanogram amounts of gallium in urine and blood serumAfonso, A. M.; Santana, J. J. ; Montelongo, F. J.García
1986Kinetic spectrofluorimetric determination of silver, based on its catalytic effect on the oxidation of pyrocatechol-1-aldehyde 2-pyridylhydrazone by peroxodisulphate in the presence of 1,10-phenanthroline as activatorAfonso, A. M.; Santana, J. J. ; Montelongo, F. Garcia
1986Spectrofluorimetric determination of zinc with pyrocatechol1-aldehyde 2-pyridylhydrazoneAfonso, Ana M.; Santana, José J. ; Montelongo, Francisco Garcia
1987Spectrofluorometric determination of zinc with 1,5-bis(2,3-dihydroxyphenylmethylene) thiocarbohydrazoneAfonso, A. M.; González-Dávila, M. ; Santana, J. J. ; García-Montelongo, F.
1987Spectrophotometric study of the complexation equilibria of cobalt(II) with 4-(5′-methyl-3′-isoxazolylazo)-resorcinol and determination of cobalt(II)Sosa, Z. ; Pérez Trujillo, J. P.; Arias, J. J.; García Montelongo, F.
1988Determination of phenol by differential pulse voltammetry with a sepiolite-modified carbon paste electrodeHernández, L.; Hernández, P.; Sosa, Z. 
1988Comparative study of the electrochemical behaviour of sepiolite and hectorite modified carbon paste electrodes in the determination of dinocapHernandez, Lucas; Hernandez, Pedro; Lorenzo, Encarnacion; Ferrera, Zoraida Sosa 
1988Differential pulse voltammetric determination of aniline with a carbon paste electrode modified by sepioliteHernandez, L.; Hernandez, P.; Sosa Ferrera, Z. 
1989Spectrophotometric study of the complexation equilibria and the determination of palladium(II) with 4-(5′-methyl-3′-isoxazolylazo)-resorcinolTrujillo, J. P.Pérez; Sosa, Z. ; Arias, J. J.
1990Bioluminescence, chemiluminescenceDwenger, A.; Beychok, C.; Schweitzer, G.; Pape, H. C.; Röllig, G.; Nerlich, M. L.; Jonas, E.; Funck, M.; Zimmermann, T.; Albrecht, S.; Schuster, R.; Lauschke, G.; Jaroß, W.; Kaever, V.; Schmitz, E.; Resch, K.; Brandl, H.; Böhm, W. D.; Beckert, R.; Köstler, E.; Menschikowski, M.; Kacian, D.; Lawrence, T.; Sanders, M.; Putnam, J.; Majlessi, M.; McDonough, S.; Ryder, T.; Santana Rodríguez, J. J. ; Sosa Ferrera, Z. ; Afonso Perera, A.; González Díaz, V.
1990Determination of benzo(a)pyrene in micellar mediumRodriguez, J. J.S. ; Ferrera, Z. S. ; Perera, A. A.; Diaz, V. G.
19901,5-bis-(2,3-dihydroxy-phenylmethylene)-thiocarbohydrazone as reagent for the spectrofluorimetric determination of nanogram amounts of galliumSantana, José J. ; González-Dávila, Melchor ; Afonso, Ana M.; García-Montelongo, Francisco
1991Simultaneous synchronous flourimetric determination of benzo[a]pyrene and perylene in micellar mediaSantana Rodriguez, J. J. ; Sosa Ferrera, Z. ; Afonso Perera, A.; Gonzales Diaz, V.
1992109 Spectrofluorimetric determination of chrysene using a cationic micellar systemMartin-Lázaro, A. Bermejo; García, J. Hernández; Rodríguez, J. J.Santana 
1992Simultaneous determination of perylene and benzo[g,h,i]perylene by synchronous fluorescence using a micellar systemMartín-Lázaro, A. Bermejo; García, J. Hernández; Rodríguez, J. J.Santana 
1992Sensitive simultaneous determination of benzo(a)pyrene, perylene and chrysene by synchronous spectrofluorometry in nonionic micellar mediaRodriguez, J. J.Santana ; Ferrera, Z. Sosa ; Perera, A. Afonso; Diaz, V. Gonzalez
1992Micellar enhanced spectrofluorometric determination of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in fresh watersSantana, Jose J. ; Gunshefski, Mary Ann; Winefordner, James D.
1993Analysis of mixtures of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sea-water by synchronous fluorescence spectrometry in organized mediaRodríguez, J. J.Santana ; García, J. Hernández; Suárez, M. M.Bernal; Martín-Lázaro, A. Bermejo