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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Digital radio link synthesized with a direct-division pLL at 22 GHzDorta, P. ; Perez, J.; Rodriguez, I.
1990On the design of MESFET harmonic injection frequency dividers using the harmonic balance techniqueDorta, Pablo ; Perez, Jorge
1990PLL simulator for education in a radiocommunication and microwaves laboratoryPerez, Jorge; Dorta, Pablo ; Gonzalez, German
1992An enhanced GaAs monolithic transimpedance amplifier for low noise and high speed optical communicationsCasao, J. A.; Dorta, P. ; Caceres, J. L.; Salazar-Palma, M.; Perez, J.
1992A comparison of the performance of three different phase locked oscillators fabricated at 21 GHzPerez, J.; Dorta, P. ; Sierra, F.
1992Comparison between three GaAs monolithic transimpedance amplifiers for optical communication systemsCasao, J. A.; Dorta, P. ; Caceres, J. L.; Salazar-Palma, M.; Perez, J.; Orengo, G.; Paoloni, C.; Giannini, F.
1993Self-improved error reference for adaptive echo cancellation in full-duplex baseband data communicationsPaez-Borrallo, Jose M.; Perez Alvarez, Ivan A. 
1994Fully convergent joint blind equalization/phase recovery scheme for data communication systemsPaez Borrallo, J. M.; Zazo, Santiago; Perez Alvarez, Ivan A. 
1994MMIC transimpedance amplifier for an optical front-end with high gain and minimum rippleCasao-Perez, J. A.; Dorta, P. ; Perez, F.; Perez, J.
1995Linearly constrained blind equalization scheme based on Bussgang type algorithmsZazo, Santiago; Paez-Borrallo, J. M.; Perez Alvarez, Ivan A. 
1995Análisis de onda completa por el método de los momentos de estructuras microtiras eléctricamente grandesJiménez Yguacel, Eugenio ; Cabrera-Almeida, Francisco ; Cuevas del Río, J.G.
1996Vascular effects of thiopentalCastillo, C.; Bobadilla, R. A.; Jimenez, E. M. ; Valencia, I.; Castillo, E. F.
1996Differential error reference adaptive echo canceller for multilevel PAM line codesPerez-Alvarez, Ivan A. ; Paez-Borrallo, Jose M.; Zazo-Bello, Santiago
1996Sommerfeld: a Fortran library for computing Sommerfeld integralsJimenez, E. ; Cabrera, F. J. ; Cuevas del Rio, J. G.
1997Experimental assessment of an ultrasonic band gap in a periodic two-dimensional compositeMontero de Espinosa, F. R.; Jimenez, E. ; Torres, M.
1998Ultrasonic band gap in a periodic two-dimensional compositeMontero de Espinosa, F. R.; Jiménez, E. ; Torres, M.
1998Estudio de estructuras microtira irregulares mediante el MoMCabrera-Almeida, Francisco ; Jiménez Yguacel, Eugenio ; Cuevas del Río, J.G.
1998Arterial blood oxygen partial pressure, hematocrit, haemoglobin, and cardiac index in broilers at 2600 m above sea levelJimenez, E. ; Lozano, C.; Hernandez, A.; Florez, H.; Pulido, M.
2000Analytical treatment of Green's functions singularities in microstrip structuresJimenez, E. ; Cabrera, F. J. ; del Rio, J. G.Cuevas