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1977Effect of hypothalamic extracts and synthetic LH-RH on proteic synthesis by rat hypothalamus in vitroDiaz-Chico, B. N. ; Diaz-Chico, J. C. 
1978Effect of synthetic LH-RH and hypothalamic extracts on RNA synthesis by rat pituitaries in vitroDiaz-Chico, B. N. ; Diaz-Diaz, M. E.
1979Effect of LH-RH, gonadotrophins or sex hormone treatment on RNA and DNA concentration in hypothalamus, pituitary, ovary and uterus in the immature female ratDiaz-Diaz, M. E.; Diaz-Chico, J. C. ; Diaz-Chico, B. N. 
1979Effect Of Lh-Rh, Gonadotropins Or Sex-Hormone Treatment On Rna And Dna Concentration In Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Ovary And Uterus In The Immature Female RatDiazdiaz, Me; Diazchico, Jc ; Diazchico, Bn 
1980Effect of LH-RH, gonadotrophins or sex hormones on protein synthesis in hypothalamus and pituitary of immature female rat in vitroDiaz-Chico, B. N. ; Diaz-Chico, J. C. ; Diaz-Diaz, M. E.
1980Effect of LH-RH and hypothalamic extracts on 3'-5'-cyclic-AMP pituitary levels of immature and adult female rats in vivoDiaz-Chico, B. N. ; Diaz-Chico, J. C. ; Diaz-Diaz, M. E.
1980Effect Of Lh-Rh, Gonadotropins Or Sex-Hormones On Protein-Synthesis In Hypothalamus And Pituitary Of Immature Female Rat InvitroDiazchico, Bn ; Diazchico, Jc ; Diazdiaz, Me
1983Phenolic derivatives from Artemisia glutinosaGonzález, A. G.; Bermejo, J.; Estévez, F. ; Velázquez, R.
1983Influencia del ciclo estral y la gonadectomía sobre la síntesis de proteínas y ácidos nucleico en adenohipófisis, hipotálamo y sistema límbico de la rataDíaz Chico, Juan Carlos 2419.pdf.jpg
1983Iniciación a la quimiotaxonomía de las rosáceas canariasEstévez Reyes, Rafael; López Sánchez, Mariana; Eiroa-Martinez, José Luis ; Suárez de Tangil Navarro, Miguel 4097.PDF.jpg
1983Constituents Of The Compositae .45. Phenolic Derivatives From Artemisia-GlutinosaGonzalez, Ag; Bermejo, J; Estevez, F ; Velazquez, R
1987One haplotype is associated with the Swiss type of hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin in the Yugoslavian populationEfremov, G. D.; Gjorgovski, I.; Stojanovski, N.; Diaz-Chico, J. C. ; Harano, T.; Kutlar, F.; Huisman, T. H.J.
1987An ~300 bp deletion involving part of the 5' β-globin gene region is observed in members of a Turkish family with β-thalassemiaDiaz-Chico, J. C. ; Yang, K. G.; Kutlar, A.; Reese, A. L.; Aksoy, M.; Huisman, T. H.J.
1987Relationship between occupied form of nuclear estrogen receptor and cytosolic progesterone receptor or DNA synthesis in uteri of estradiol implanted ratsCastellano-Diaz, E.; Gonzalez-Quijano, M. I.; Diaz-Chico, B. N. 
1987An Approximately-300 Bp Deletion Involving Part Of The 5' Beta-Globin Gene Region Is Observed In Members Of A Turkish Family With Beta-ThalassemiaDiazchico, Jc ; Yang, Kg; Kutlar, A; Reese, Al; Aksoy, M; Huisman, Thj
1988Hb las palms or α<inf>2</inf>β<inf>2</inf>49(cd8)ser→phe, a mildly unstable hemiglobin variantMalcorra-Azpiazu, J. J.; Balda-Aguirre, H. I.; Diaz-Chico, J. C. ; Hu, H.; Wilson, J. B.; Webber, B. B.; Kutlar, F.; Kutlar, A.; Huisman, T. H.J.
1988Variation in clinical severity among patients with Hb Lepore-Boston-β-thalassaemia is related to the type of β-thalassaemiaEfremov, D. G.; Efremov, G. D.; Zisovski, N.; Stojanovski, N.; Kutlar, F.; Diaz-Chico, J. C. ; Kutlar, A.; Yang, K. G.; Stoming, T. A.; Huisman, T. H.J.
1988Hb le lahentin or α<inf>2</inf>20(b1)his→glnβ<inf>2</inf>found in a Spanish familyMalcorra-Azpiazu, J. J.; Balda-Aguirre, M. I.; Diaz-Chico, J. C. ; Kutlar, F.; Kutlar, A.; Wilson, J. B.; Hu, H.; Huisman, T. H.J.
1988Mild and severe β-thalassemia among homozygotes from Turkey: Identification of the types by hybridization of amplified DNA with synthetic probesDiaz-Chico, J. C. ; Yang, K. G.; Stoming, T. A.; Efremov, D. G.; Kutlar, A.; Kutlar, F.; Aksoy, M.; Altay, C.; Gurgey, A.; Kilinc, Y.; Huisman, T. H.J.
1988Inclusion body β-thalassemia trait in a Swiss family is caused by an abnormal hemoglobin (Geneva) with an altered and extended β chain carboxy-terminus due to a modification in codon β114Beris, Ph; Miescher, P. A.; Diaz-Chico, J. C. ; Han, I. S.; Kutlar, A.; Hu, H.; Wilson, J. B.; Huisman, T. H.J.