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Decompressive Pathology In Risso'S Dolphin: Deadly HuntingFernandez, A. ; Bernaldo de Quiros, Y. ; Sierra, E. ; Sacchini, S. ; Andrada, M. , et al2013Journal Of Comparative Pathology[ISSN 0021-9975],v. 148 (1), p. 90-900,628Q11,1Q2Actas de congresos
Pathology and causes of death of stranded cetaceans in the Canary Islands (2006-2012)Diaz Delgado, Josue ; Arbelo Hernández, Manuel Antonio ; Sierra Pulpillo, Eva María ; Sacchini , Simona ; Zucca, D., et al2015American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP). Annual Meeting. 17-21 October 2015, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, p. 442Actas de congresos
Coinfection by Streptococcus phocae and cetacean morbillivirus in a short-beaked common dolphin Delphinus delphisDiaz Delgado, Josue ; Sierra, E. ; Vela, A. I.; Arbelo, M. ; Zucca, D., et al201710.3354/dao03124Diseases Of Aquatic Organisms[ISSN 0177-5103],v. 124 (3), p. 247-2520,675Q21,543Q2Artículo
Occurrence of strongyloidiasis in privately owned and sheltered dogs: clinical presentation and treatment outcomeParadies, P.; Iarussi, F.; Sasanelli, M.; Capogna, A.; Lia, Ricardo P., et al201710.1186/s13071-017-2275-5Parasites & Vectors [ISSN 1756-3305], v. 10, article number 3451,702Q13,163Q1ArtículoOccurrence_strongyloidiasis.pdf.jpg