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1987An Approximately-300 Bp Deletion Involving Part Of The 5' Beta-Globin Gene Region Is Observed In Members Of A Turkish Family With Beta-ThalassemiaDiazchico, Jc ; Yang, Kg; Kutlar, A; Reese, Al; Aksoy, M; Huisman, Thj
1988Mild And Severe Beta-Thalassemia Among Homozygotes From Turkey - Identification Of The Types By Hybridization Of Amplified Dna With Synthetic ProbesDiazchico, Jc ; Yang, Kg; Stoming, Ta; Efremov, Dg; Kutlar, A; Kutlar, F; Aksoy, M; Altay, C; Gurgey, A; Kilinc, Y; Huisman, Thj
1988Newer Developments In The Identification Of Beta-ThalassemiaStoming, Ta; Diazchico, Jc ; Yang, Kg; Efremov, Dg; Huisman, Thj
1988The Detection Of Beta-Globin Gene-Mutations In Beta-Thalassemia Using Oligonucleotide Probes And Amplified DnaDiazchico, Jc ; Yang, Kg; Yang, Ky; Efremov, Dg; Stoming, Ta; Huisman, Thj
1988Variation In Clinical Severity Among Patients With Hb Lepore-Boston-Beta-Thalassaemia Is Related To The Type Of Beta-ThalassemiaEfremov, Dg; Efremov, Gd; Zisovski, N; Stojanovski, N; Kutlar, F; Diazchico, Jc ; Kutlar, A; Yang, Kg; Stoming, Ta; Huisman, Thj