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The value of the apoB/apoA1 ratio for the diagnosis of insulin resistanceLopez-Rios, L.; Wiebe, J. C.; Waegner, A. M.; Brito-Casillas, Y. ; Lorenzo-Media, M., et al2010Atherosclerosis Supplements [ISSN 1567-5688], v. 11 (2), p. 90, (Junio 2010)2,064Q3Actas de congresos
Characterisation of PIMT KO mice: a model of deficient protein repairBrito-Casillas, Y. ; Wiebe, J. C.; Lopez-Rios, L.; Sanchez-Hernandez, R. M.; Arbelo-Galvan, J. F., et al2013Diabetologia[ISSN 0012-186X],v. 56, p. S253-S2533,216Q16,88Q1Actas de congresos
Gestational diabetes: perinatal outcomes compared to background population and pregestational diabetesWiebe, J. C.; Vega Guedes, B.; Lopez Alonso, A.; Ramirez Garcia, O.; Cabrera Morales, F., et al2014Diabetologia [ISSN 0012-186X], v. 57 sup. 1, p. S452, Abstract 1101, (Septiembre 2014)3,215Q16,671Q1Actas de congresos