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2019Introduction to the special issue on online learning for big-data driven transportation and mobilityDel Ser, Javier; Sanchez-Medina, Javier J. ; Vlahogianni, Eleni I.Comentario
2020Data-driven optimization for transportation logistics and smart mobility applicationsOsaba, Eneko; Sánchez Medina, Javier J. ; Vlahogianni, Eleni I.; Yang, Xin She; Masegosa, Antonio D., et alComentariodata_driven_optimization_for_transportation_logistics.pdf.jpg
2021From data to actions in intelligent transportation systems: a prescription of functional requirements for model actionabilityLaña, Ibai; Sánchez Medina, Javier Jesús ; Vlahogianni, Eleni I.; Del Ser, JavierArtículo