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2002Anodic passivity of some titanium base alloys in aggressive environmentsPopa, M. V.; Vasilescu, E.; Drob, P.; Anghel, M.; Vasilescu, C., et alArtículo
2003Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy technique in prediction of the implant titanium alloys behaviourIonithã, D.; Santana Lopez, A.; Mirza-Rosca, J. ; Vasilescu, E.; Popa, M. V., et alActas de congresos
2004Improve the anticorrosive performance of alkyd paint films using perylene pigmentPopa, M. V.; Drob, P.; Vasilescu, E.; Santana Lopez, A.; Mirza-Rosca, I. , et alActas de congresos
2005Characterisation of anodic films formed on titanium and its alloysMirza Rosca, Julia Claudia ; Herrera Santana, E. D.; Rodríguez Castro, J.; Santana López, Agustín ; Vasilescu, E. V., et alArtículo
2005Corrosion Behavior of Some Titanium Base Alloys in Acid SolutionsPopa, M. V.; Vasilescu, E.; Drob, P.; Vasilescu, C.; Mirza-Rosca, J. , et alActas de congresos
2006The pigment influence on the anticorrosive performance of some alkyd filmsPopa, M. V.; Drob, P.; Vasilescu, E.; Mirza-Rosca, J. C. ; Lopez, A. Santana, et alArtículo
2008Mechanical and corrosion behaviour of a Ti-Al-Nb alloy after deformation at elevated temperaturesPopa, M. V.; Raducanu, D.; Vasilescu, E.; Drob, P.; Cojocaru, D., et alArtículo
2008Effect of mineral pigments on the water uptake in organic filmsPopa, M. V.; Drob, P.; Vasilescu, E.; Vasilescu, C.; Drob, S. I., et alActas de congresos
2009Electrochemical and SEM studies of a new implant bioalloy in physiological electrolytesPopa, M. V.; Vasilescu, E.; Drob, P.; Mareci, D.; Calderón Moreno, J. M., et alArtículo
2009Effect of thermo-mechanical processing on the corrosion resistance of Ti6Al4V alloys in biofluidsVasilescu, E.; Drob, P.; Raducanu, D.; Cinca, I.; Mareci, D., et alArtículo
2011In vitro behavior and design of a new type implant with nanostructured surfaceMirza Rosca, J. C. ; Raducanu, D.; Gonzalez Martin, D.; Garcia Lorente, J. A.; Vasilescu, C.Actas de congresos
2011In vivo studies of a nanostructured titanium alloy knee plate and pinMirza Rosea, Julia C. ; Herrera Santana, Eladio D.; Vasilescu, C.; García Llorente, José A.Actas de congresos
2012Corrosion behaviour in physiological fluids of surface films formed on titanium alloysMirza Rosca, Julia Claudia ; Vasilescu, E.; Drob, P.; Vasilescu, C.; Drob, S. I.Artículo
2012Surface analysis and corrosion resistance of a new titanium base alloy in simulated body fluidsVasilescu, C.; Drob, S. I.; Neacsu, E. I.; Mirza Rosca, J. C. Artículo