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2002Influence of tide variations on the emergences of Caretta caretta in the island of Boavista (Cape Verde islands, Western Africa)Madariaga, Begoña; Díaz Merry, A.; Ordi, D. del; López, Óscar; Ballell-Valls, Lluis, et alActas de congresosTide_variations_emergences_Caretta.pdf.jpg
2002Comparison of hatching success of Caretta caretta in 2000 and 2001 nesting season in the island of Boavista (Cape Verde islands, Western Africa)Ordi, D. del; Díaz Merry, A.; Madariaga, Begoña; López, Óscar; Ballell-Valls, Lluis, et alActas de congresosHatching_succes_Caretta_caretta.pdf.jpg
2002Nesting success on the emergences of Caretta caretta in the island of Boavista (Cape Verde islands, Western Africa)López, Óscar; Ordi, D. del; Madariaga, Begoña; Díaz Merry, A.; Abella Pérez, Elena, et alActas de congresosNesting_success_emergences_Caretta.pdf.jpg
2003Incidental Capture of Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta caretta) on Boa Vista (Cape Verde Islands)López-Jurado, Luis Felipe ; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; López, PedroArtículo0325790_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2004Preliminary approach to the hatchlings sex-ratio of a population of Caretta caretta of Boavista island, Cape Verde Archipielago (Western Africa).Delgado, Cláudia; Dellinger, Thomas; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; Cejudo, Daniel; López-Jurado, Luis Felipe Actas de congresosSex_ratio_Caretta_caretta_Boavista.pdf.jpg
2004Satellite tracking of adult loggerheads (Caretta caretta L.) around waters of Cape Verde Archipielago (Western Africa)Cejudo, Daniel; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; López, Óscar; López-Jurado, Luis Felipe Actas de congresosSatellite_tracking_Caretta.pdf.jpg
2006Transatlantic migration of juvenile loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta L.) from the strait of GibraltarCejudo, Daniel; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; Liria-Loza, Ana; Castillo, Juan José; Bellido, Juan Jesús, et alArtículo4155.pdf.jpg
2006Phenotypically linked dichotomy in sea turtle foraging requires multiple conservation approachesHawkes, Lucy A.; Broderick, Annette C.; Coyne, Michael S.; Godfrey, Matthew H.; Lopez-Jurado, Luis Felipe , et alArtículo0534728_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2008Population genetic analysis of loggerhead turtles in the Cape Verde IslandsMonzón Argüello, Catalina; Rico, Ciro; Naro Maciel, Eugenia; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; López Suárez, P., et alActas de congresos5233.pdf.jpg
2008Rate predation on the nesting of Caretta caretta because of Ocypode cursor in Calheta de Pau beach, Boa Vista Island (Cape Verde Rep.)Eiroa Suárez, Airam; Aguilera i Rodà, Mireia; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; López, Óscar; López-Jurado, Luis Felipe Actas de congresosRate_predation_nesting_Caretta_Ocypode.pdf.jpg
2008Monitoring and conservation of the largest loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) nesting population in Africa: successes and challenges.Varo-Cruz, Nuria; López, Pedro; Vázquez, Cristina; Ballell-Valls, Lluis; Cejudo, Daniel, et alActas de congresosMonitoring_Caretta_caretta_nesting.pdf.jpg
2008Injuries observed in nesting females of loggerhead turtles on Boavista island (Cabo Verde Archipelago)Vázquez, Cristina; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; López, Óscar; Liria-Loza, Ana; López-Jurado, Luis Felipe Actas de congresosInjuries_nesting_Caretta.pdf.jpg
2010Massive capture of nesting females in severely threatening the Caboverdian loggerhead populationMarco, Adolfo; López, Óscar; Abella Pérez, Elena; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; Martins, Samir, et alActas de congresosMassive_capture_nesting_Caretta.pdf.jpg
2010Population structure and conservation implications for the loggerhead sea turtle of the Cape Verde IslandsMonzón-Argüello, Catalina ; Rico, Ciro; Naro Maciel, Eugenia; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; López, Pedro, et alArtículo0627104_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2011New records of the olive ridley sea turtle Lepidochelys olivacea (Eschscholtz, 1829) from the Cape Verde IslandsVaro-Cruz, Nuria; López, Pedro; Cozens, Jacquie; Liria-Loza, Ana ; Fretey, Jacques, et alArtículoOlive_ridley_Cabo_Verde.pdf.jpg
2012Loggerhead nesting trend in three beaches of Boavista, Cape Verde archipelagoLiria-Loza, Ana; Varo-Cruz, Nuria; Medina Suárez, María E.; Jiménez Bordón, Saray; López-Jurado, Luis Felipe Actas de congresosCaretta_caretta_nesting_trend.pdf.jpg
2013Satellite tracking derived insights into migration and foraging strategies of male loggerhead turtles in the eastern Atlantic Varo-Cruz, Nuria; Hawkes, Lucy A.; Cejudo, Daniel; López, Pedro; Coyne, Michael S., et alArtículo0696095_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2013High plasticity of loggerhead nesting site fidelity: from using repeatedly the same small beach during different seasons to deposit consecutive nests in different islands distant more than 100 kmAbella Pérez, Elena; Sanz, Paula; Loureiro, Nuno de Santos; Cozens, Jacquie; Oujo-Alamo, Carolina, et alActas de congresosHigh_plasticity_Caretta.pdf.jpg
2014Density, nest site characteristics and breeding rates of the osprey (Pandion haliaetus) in the southern limit of its range in the Western Palearctic (Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands).Siverio, Manuel; López, Pedro; Siverio, Felipe; Rodríguez, Beneharo; Varo-Cruz, Nuria, et alArtículo0696919_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2015Modelling the niche for a marine vertebrate: A case study incorporating behavioural plasticity, proximate threats and climate changePikesley, Stephen K.; Broderick, Annette C.; Cejudo, Daniel; Coyne, Michael S.; Godfrey, Matthew H., et alArtículoMODELLING_THE_NICHE.pdf.jpg