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1996Validation of a differential PCR and an ELISA procedure in studying HER-2/neu status in breast cancerValerón, Pilar F. ; Chirino, Ricardo ; Fernandez, Leandro ; Torres, Santiago; Navarro, Domingo, et alArtículo
1997Quantitative analysis of p185(HER-2/neu) protein in breast cancer and its association with other prognostic factorsValerón, Pilar F. ; Chirino, Ricardo ; Vega, Victor; Falcón, Orlando; Rivero, Juan F., et alArtículo
1999Thyroid hormone regulation of rat hepatocyte proliferation and polyploidizationTorres, Santiago; Díaz, Blanca P.; Cabrera, Juan J. ; Diaz-Chico, JC ; Díaz-Chico, Bonifacio N. , et alArtículo
1999Evaluation of acute and chronic hepatotoxic effects exerted by anabolic- androgenic steroid stanozolol in adult male ratsBoada, Luis D. ; Zumbado, Manuel ; Torres, Santiago; López, Antonio; Díaz-Chico, Bonifacio N. , et alArtículo
2002Steroid hormone progesterone induces cell proliferation and abnormal mitotic processes in rat liverBoada, Luis D. ; Zumbado, Manuel ; Del Río, Isidoro; Blanco, Alfonso; Torres, Santiago, et alArtículo
2002Evaluation of acute hepatotoxic effects exerted by environmental estrogens nonylphenol and 4-octylphenol in immature male ratsZumbado, Manuel ; Boada, Luis D. ; Torres, Santiago; Monterde, José G.; Díaz-Chico, Bonifacio N. , et alArtículo
2006Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of linguistic input support to a prelingually deaf child with cued speech: A case studyTorres, Santiago; Moreno Torres, Ignacio; Santana Hernández, Rafael Artículo
2009Deficiencia auditiva: logros y retosSantana Hernández, Rafael ; Torres, SantiagoComentario
2010Lexical and grammatical development in a child with cochlear implant and attention deficit: A case studyMoreno Torres, Ignacio; Torres, Santiago; Santana Hernández, Rafael Artículo
2014Microsatellite instability and ploidy status define three categories with distinctive prognostic impact in endometrioid endometrial cancerBilbao-Sieyro, Cristina ; Ramírez-Moreno, Raquel ; Rodríguez-González, Germán; Falcón, Orlando; León, Laureano, et alArtículo