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1982Contribution To The Cyst Structure Of The Pars-Intermedia Of Human HypophysisHennequet, L; Torres, A; Sarrat, RArtículo
1982Structural Aspects Of The Spinal Ganglion NeuronsTorres, A; Gonzalezvalverde, P; Pizarro, Mc; Sarrat, RArtículo
1987Prevalence And Causes Of Osteomalacia (Om) In Uremic Patients Before Chronic Dialysis (Cd)Torres, A; Lorenzo, V; Rodriguez, Jc ; Nieto, Lh; Flores, LdArtículo
1988Bone Histological-Changes After 1 Year On Capd In 28 PatientsRodriguez, Jc ; Lorenzo, V; Torres, AArtículo
1988Predictive Value Of Clinical And Biochemical Data On The Osteomalacic (Om) Form Of Renal Osteodystrophy (Ro) - Discriminant-Analysis Of 100 CasesTorres, A; Hernandez, D; Lorenzo, V; Rodriguez, Jc ; Balaguer, G; Gonzalezposada, Jm; Losada, M; Maceira, B; Nieto, LhArtículo
1992Controlled-Study Of Renal Osteodystrophy In Capd Patients - Clinical, Biochemical And Bone Hystomorphometry AnalysisPerez, Jcr ; Plaza, C; Torres, A; Vega, N; Lorenzo, V; Gomez, Mem; Palop, L; Rodriguez, Af; Hortal, L; Perdomo, M; Macia, MArtículo
1995Bone-Disease In Predialysis, Hemodialysis, And Capd Patients - Evidence Of A Better Bone Response To PthTorres, A; Lorenzo, V; Hernandez, D; Rodriguez, Jc ; Concepcion, Mt; Rodriguez, Ap; Hernandez, A; Debonis, E; Darias, E; Gonzalezposada, Jm; Losada, M; Rufino, M; Felsenfeld, Aj; Rodriguez, MArtículo
1999Effect of high-intensity intermittent training on skeletal muscle fiber. Morpho-functional study in the ratGarcia Castellano, Jose Manuel ; Morcuende, José A.; Díaz Herrera, María Del Pilar ; Torres, A; Sarrat, RActas de congresos
2001Polymorphism at the Sp 1 binding site in the collagen (COL1a1) gene and does not predict bone mineral density in postmenopausal Canarian women.Sosa Henríquez, Manuel José ; Torres, A; Salido, E; Hernandez, D ; Benitez, M; Gomez, J; Barrios, Y; Betancor Heredia, Pedro Airam Actas de congresos
2001There is no association between the polymorphism of estrogen receptor gene and transsexual menSosa Henríquez, Manuel José ; Torres, A; Salido, E; Arbelo, E; Barrios, Y; Navarro, MC; Betancor Heredia, Pedro Airam Actas de congresos