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Relative role of physical inactivity and snacking between meals in weight gainSánchez Villegas, Almudena ; Martínez-Gonzalez, Miguel Ángel; Toledo, Estefanía; de Irala, Jokin; Martínez, J. Alfredo200210.1016/s0025-7753(02)73311-3Medicina clínica [ISSN 0025-7753], v. 119 (2), p. 46-52Artículo
Adherence to the Mediterranean diet, long-term weight change, and incident overweight or obesity: The Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra (SUN) cohortBeunza, Juan José; Toledo, Estefanía; Hu, Frank B.; Bes-Rastrollo, Maira; Serrano-Martínez, Manuel, et al201010.3945/ajcn.2010.29764American Journal of Clinical Nutrition[ISSN 0002-9165],v. 92, p. 1484-14936,606Q1Artículo
Childhood and young adult overweight/obesity and incidence of depression in the SUN projectSánchez-Villegas, Almudena ; Pimenta, Adriano M.; Beunza, Juan J.; Guillen-Grima, Francisco; Toledo, Estefanía, et al201010.1038/oby.2009.375Obesity[ISSN 1930-7381],v. 18, p. 1443-14483,531Q1Artículo
Predictors of adherence to a Mediterranean-type diet in the PREDIMED trialZazpe, Itziar; Estruch, Ramón; Toledo, Estefanía; Sánchez-Taínta, Ana; Corella, Dolores, et al201010.1007/s00394-009-0053-7European Journal of Nutrition[ISSN 1436-6207],v. 49, p. 91-993,343Q1Artículo
Dietary fat intake and the risk of depression: The SUN ProjectSánchez-Villegas, Almudena ; Verberne, Lisa; de Irala, Jokin; Ruiz-Canela, Miguel; Toledo, Estefanía, et al201110.1371/journal.pone.0016268PLoS One [ISSN 1932-6203], v. 6 (1), e16268 (Enero 2011)2,369Q14,092Q1ArtículoDietary_fat_intake_risk.pdf.jpg
The mediterranean diet is associated with a reduction in premature mortality among middle-aged adultsMartínez-González, Miguel A.; Guillén-Grima, Francisco; De Irala, Jokin; Ruíz-Canela, Miguel; Bes-Rastrollo, Maira, et al201210.3945/jn.112.162891Journal of Nutrition[ISSN 0022-3166],v. 142, p. 1672-16781,919Q14,196Q1Artículo
A 14-item mediterranean diet assessment tool and obesity indexes among high-risk subjects: The PREDIMED trialMartínez-González, Miguel Ángel; García-Arellano, Ana; Toledo, Estefanía; Salas-Salvadó, Jordi; Buil-Cosiales, P., et al201210.1371/journal.pone.0043134PLoS One [ISSN 1932-6203], v. 7 (8), e431341,945Q13,73Q1ArtículoMediterranean_Diet_Assessment.pdf.jpg
A longitudinal assessment of alcohol intake andincident depression: the SUN projectGea, Alfredo; Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel; Toledo, Estefanía; Sánchez-Villegas, Almudena ; Bes-Rastrollo, Maira, et al201210.1186/1471-2458-12-954BMC Public Health [ISSN 1471-2458], v. 12:9541,149Q12,076Q2ArtículoA_longitudinal_assessment.pdf.jpg
Effect of the Mediterranean diet on bloodpressure in the PREDIMED trial: results from arandomized controlled trialToledo, Estefanía; Hu,Frank B.; Estruch, Ramón; Buil-Cosiales, P.; Corella, Dolores, et al201310.1186/1741-7015-11-207BMC Medicine [ISSN 1741-7015], v. 11 (207), 149982,78Q17,276Q1ArtículoEffec_Mediterranean_diet_blood.pdf.jpg
Lifestyles and Risk Factors Associated with Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet: A Baseline Assessment of the PREDIMED TrialHu, Emily A.; Toledo, Estefanía; Díez-Espino, Javier; Estruch, Ramón; Corella, Dolores, et al201310.1371/journal.pone.0060166PLoS ONE [ISSN 1932-6203], v. 8 (4):e601661,74Q13,534Q1ArtículoLifestyles_risk_factors_associated.PDF.jpg
Obesity indexes and total mortality among elderly subjects at high cardiovascular risk: The PREDIMED studyMartínez-González, Miguel Ángel; García-Arellano, Ana; Toledo, Estefanía; Bes-Rastrollo, Maira; Bulló, Mónica, et al201410.1371/journal.pone.0103246PLoS ONE [EISSN 1932-6203], v. 9 (7), e103246, (Julio 2014)1,545Q13,234Q1ArtículoObesity_Indexes_Total_mortality.PDF.jpg
Effect of a Mediterranean diet intervention on dietary glycemicload and dietary glycemic index: The PREDIMED StudyRodríguez-Rejon, Ana Isabel; Castro-Quesada, Itandehui; Ruano Rodriguez, Cristina ; Ruiz-López, María Dolores; Sánchez-Villegas, Almudena , et al201410.1155/2014/985373Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism [ISSN 2090-0724], v. 2014, Article ID 985373, (Enero 2014)1,187Q1ArtículoEffect_Mediterranean_Diet.pdf.jpg
Dietary patterns and total mortality in a mediterranean cohort: The sun projectZazpe, Itziar; Sánchez-Tainta, Ana; Toledo, Estefanía; Sánchez-Villegas, Almudena ; Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel 201410.1016/j.jand.2013.07.024Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics[ISSN 2212-2672],v. 114, p. 37-471,701Q13,467Q1Artículo
Extravirgin olive oil consumption reduces risk of atrial fibrillation: The PREDIMED (Prevención con Dieta Mediterránea) trialMartínez-González, Miguel Á; Toledo, Estefanía; Arós, Fernando; Fiol, Miquel; Corella, Dolores, et al201410.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.113.006921Circulation[ISSN 0009-7322],v. 130, p. 18-267,689Q115,073Q1Artículo
Mediterranean diets and metabolic syndrome status in the PREDIMED randomized trialBabio, Nancy; Toledo, Estefanía; Estruch, Ramón; Ros, Emilio; Martínez-González, Miguel A., et al201410.1503/cmaj.140764CMAJ[ISSN 0820-3946],v. 186, p. E649-E6571,528Q15,959Q1Artículo
A longitudinal analysis of diet quality scores and the risk of incident depression in the SUN ProjectSánchez-Villegas, Almudena ; Henríquez Sánchez, Patricia ; Ruiz-Canela, Miguel; Lahortiga, Francisca; Molero, Patricio, et al201510.1186/s12916-015-0428-yBMC Medicine [EISSN 1741-7015], v. 13 (1), (Septiembre 2015)3,526Q18,005Q1Artículolongitudinal_analysys_diet.pdf.jpg
Dietary fat intake and risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in a population at high risk of cardiovascular diseaseGuasch-Ferré, Marta; Babio, Nancy; Martínez-González, Miguel A.; Corella, Dolores; Ros, Emilio, et al201510.3945/ajcn.115.116046American Journal of Clinical Nutrition[ISSN 0002-9165],v. 102, p. 1563-15734,06Q16,703Q1Artículo
Empirically-derived food patterns and the risk of total mortality and cardiovascular events in the PREDIMED studyMartínez-González, Miguel A.; Zazpe, Itziar; Razquin, Cristina; Sánchez-Tainta, Ana; Corella, Dolores, et al201510.1016/j.clnu.2014.09.006Clinical Nutrition[ISSN 0261-5614],v. 34, p. 859-8671,785Q14,487Q1Artículo
Mediterranean diet and invasive breast cancer risk among women at high cardiovascular risk in the predimed trial a randomized clinical trialToledo, Estefanía; Salas-Salvadó, Jordi; Donat-Vargas, Carolina; Buil-Cosiales, Pilar; Estruch, Ramón, et al201510.1001/jamainternmed.2015.4838JAMA Internal Medicine[ISSN 2168-6106],v. 175, p. 1752-17606,235Q1ArtículoMediterranean_diet.pdf.jpg
Intake of total polyphenols and some classes of polyphenols is inversely associated with diabetes in elderly people at high cardiovascular disease riskTresserra-Rimbau, Anna; Guasch-Ferré, Marta; Salas-Salvadó, Jordi; Toledo, Estefanía; Corella, Dolores, et al201610.3945/jn.115.223610Journal of Nutrition [ISSN 0022-3166], v. 146 (4), p. 767-7771,956Q14,145Q1Artículo