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2006Effect of green and clear water and lipid source on survival, growth and biochemical composition of Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannameiIzquierdo, Marisol ; Forster, Ian; Divakaran, Subramaniam; Conquest, Lytha; Decamp, O., et alArtículo5719.pdf.jpg
2006Evaluation of commercial probiotics for use in penaid shrimp culture = Evaluación de probióticos comerciales para el uso en cultivo de langostinos peneidosFolques Murta, Gonçalo VascoTrabajo final de máster3162.pdf.jpg
2009Fishing for Aquaculture: Non-Food Use of Small Pelagic Forage Fish-A Global PerspectiveTacon, Albert G. J.; Metian, MarcArtículo
2009Fishing for Feed or Fishing for Food: Increasing Global Competition for Small Pelagic Forage FishTacon, Albert G. J.; Metian, MarcArtículo
2010Responsible Aquaculture and Trophic Level Implications to Global Fish SupplyTacon, Albert G. J.; Metian, Marc; Turchini, Giovanni M.; De Silva, Sena S.Artículo