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2016Comparison Of The Scales Frax And Qfracture In The Spanish PopulationSosa-Cabrera, N.; Reyes-Dominguez, A. I.; Rivero, L.; Gomez de Tejada, M. J.; Saavedra, P., et alActas de congresos
2016Validation of the Qfracture scale in SpainSosa, M.; Sosa-Cabrera, N.; Sablón, N.; Rivero, L.; Gómez de Tejada, María Jesús , et alPóster de congresosValidation_Qfracture.pdf.jpg
2017Validation of Garvan Scale in a spanish populationSosa Henríquez, Manuel ; Reyes Domínguez, Ana Isabel ; Sosa-Cabrera, N.; Hernández Hernández, Diego ; Diaz-Curiel, Manuel, et alActas de congresos