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Redescription of the early larval stages of the pandalid shrimp Chlorotocus crassicornis (Decapoda: Caridea: Pandalidae)Landeira Sánchez, José María ; Jiang, Guo Chen; Chan, Tin Yam; Shih, Tung Wei; Gozález-Gordillo, J. Ignacio201510.11646/zootaxa.4013.1.7Zootaxa [ISSN 1175-5326], 4013 (1), p. 100–1100,633Q20,994Q2Artículo
Larval development to the ninth zoeal stage of Heterocarpus abulbus Yang, Chan and Chu, 2010 (Decapoda: Caridea: Pandalidae), a deep-water shrimp with high fishery potentialJiang, Guo Chen; Landeira Sánchez, José María ; Shih, Tung Wei; Chan, Tin Yam201610.1163/1937240X-00002423Journal of Crustacean Biology [ISSN 0278-0372], v. 36(3), p. 310-3280,461Q31,064Q3Artículo
First zoeal stage of plesionika crosnieri Chan & Yu, 1991, P. Ortmanni doflein, 1902, and P. Semilaevis Bate, 1888, with remarks on the early larvae of plesionika bate, 1888 (crustacea, decapoda)Jiang, Guo Chen; Landeira Sánchez, José María ; Shih, Tung Wei; Chan, Tin Yam201810.11646/zootaxa.4532.3.4Zootaxa [ISSN 1175-5326], v. 4532 (3), p. 385–3950,603Q20,99Q3Artículo