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1996Distributions of oxygen, carbon, and respiratory activity in the deep layer of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and their implications for the carbon cycleSavenkoff, C.; Vézina, A. F.; Packard, T. T. ; Silverberg, N.; Therriault, J. C., et alArtículo
1999Effects of inorganic mercury on the respiration and the swimming activity of shrimp larvae, Pandalus borealisSt-Amand, L.; Gagnon, R.; Packard, T. T. ; Savenkoff, C.Artículo
2000Dissolved organic carbon in the Gulf of St. LawrencePackard, T. ; Chen, W.; Blasco, D.; Savenkoff, C.; Vézina, A. F., et alArtículo
2000Effects of pelagic food-web interactions and nutrient remineralization on the biogeochemical cycling of carbon: A modeling approachTian, R. C.; Vézina, A.; Legendre, L.; Ingram, R. G.; Klein, B., et alArtículo