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Autonomic and peripheral neuropathy in chronic alcoholic liver diseaseGonzalez-Reimers, E.; Alonso-Socas, M.; Santolaria-Fernandez, F.; Hernandez-Peña, J.; Conde-Martel, A. , et al199110.1016/0376-8716(91)90004-IDrug and Alcohol Dependence[ISSN 0376-8716],v. 27, p. 219-222Artículo
Relative and combined roles of ethanol and protein malnutrition on muscle zinc, potassium, copper, iron, and magnesiumGonzalez-reimers, E.; Conde-martel, A. ; Santolaria-fernandez, F.; Martinez-riera, A.; Rodriguez-moreno, F., et al1993Alcohol and Alcoholism[ISSN 0735-0414],v. 28, p. 311-318Artículo
Relative and combined effects of ethanol and protein deficiency on gonadal function and histologyGonzalez-Reimers, E.; Martinez-Riera, A.; Santolaria-Fernandez, F.; Conde-Martel, A. ; Alvarez-Argüelles, H., et al199410.1016/0741-8329(94)90017-5Alcohol[ISSN 0741-8329],v. 11, p. 355-360Artículo
Relative and combined effects of propylthiouracil, ethanol and protein deficiency on musclePerez-Labajos, J.; Gonzalez-Reimers, E.; Santolaria-Fernandez, F.; Rodriguez-Moreno, F.; Martinez-Riera, A., et al199610.1093/oxfordjournals.alcalc.a008127Alcohol and Alcoholism[ISSN 0735-0414],v. 31, p. 157-165Artículo
Comparison of bone lead in Pre-Hispanic, 18th century and modern population of TenerifeArnay-De-La-Rosa, M.; Gonzalez-Reimers, E.; Velasco-Vazquez, J. ; Galindo-Martin, L.; Delgado-Ureta, E., et al199810.1016/S0048-9697(97)00301-XScience of the Total Environment[ISSN 0048-9697],v. 209, p. 107-1111,249Q1Artículo
Corticomedular Index of the Right Tibia in the Diagnosis of Osteopenia in Prehistoric Skeletal RemainsGonzalez-Reimers, E.; Velasco Vázquez, Francisco Javier ; Barros-Lopez, N.; Arnay-De-La-Rosa, M.; Santolaria-Fernandez, F., et al1998American Journal of Human Biology[ISSN 1042-0533],v. 10, p. 37-440,638Q2Artículo
Bone lead in the prehistoric population of gran canariaGonzalez-Reimers, E.; Arnay-De-La-Rosa, M.; Velasco Vázquez, Francisco Javier ; Galindo-Martin, L.; Delgado-Ureta, E., et al199910.1002/(SICI)1520-6300(1999)11:3<405::AID-AJHB11>3.0.CO;2-9American Journal of Human Biology[ISSN 1042-0533],v. 11, p. 405-4100,756Q2Artículo
Relative and combined effects of ethanol and protein deficiency on bone histology and mineral metabolismMolina-Perez, M.; Gonzalez-Reimers, E.; Santolaria-Fernandez, F.; Martinez-Riera, A.; Rodriguez-Moreno, F., et al200010.1016/S0741-8329(99)00048-8Alcohol[ISSN 0741-8329],v. 20, p. 1-81,495Q2Artículo