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2012Influence of neonatal hypothyroidism on hepatic gene expression and lipid metabolism in adulthoodSantana Farré, Ruymán; Mirecki-Garrido, Mercedes ; Bocos, Carlos; Henríquez Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Kahlon, N., et alArtículoInfluence_Neonatal_Hypothyroidism_Hepatic.pdf.jpg
2014Lipid profiling and transcriptomic analysis reveals a functional interplay between estradiol and growth hormone in liverFernandez-Perez, Leandro ; Santana Farré, Ruymán; Mirecki Garrido, Mercedes de ; García, Irma; Guerra, Borja , et alArtículoLipid_Profiling_Transcriptomic_Analysis.pdf.jpg
2014New insights into Socs2 role in hepatic metabolismSantana Farré, RuymánTesis doctoral0707862_00000_0000.pdf.jpg