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Severe caloric restriction elicits NF-KB signalling in human skeletal muscle: influence of exercise and protein content in the dietMorales Álamo, David ; Martín Rincón, Marcos ; Azzinnari, Marco; Perez Suárez,Ismael ; Said, Mercedes, et al2017European Congress of Sport Science. Essen, Alemania. 5-8 de julio de 2017Actas de congresos
Natural occurring sesquiterpene lactone Spiciformin induces apoptosis and activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway on human tumour cell linesRubio Sánchez, Sara ; Estevez, Francisco ; Saavedra Santana, Ester Gloria ; Said, Mercedes; Eiroa Martínez, José Luis , et al2019Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology [ISSN 1742-7835], v. 125, S54, p. 30-310,714Q22,651Q3Actas de congresos
Cytotoxicity of the Sesquiterpene Lactone Spiciformin and Its Acetyl Derivative against the Human Leukemia Cell Lines U-937 and HL-60Saavedra Santana, Ester Gloria ; Estévez Sarmiento, Francisco ; Said, Mercedes; Eiroa Martínez, José Luis ; Rubio Sánchez, Sara , et al202010.3390/ijms21082782International Journal of Molecular Sciences [ISSN 1661-6596], v. 21 (8), 27821,317Q14,556Q1Artículo