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1981The effect of starvation, diabetes or hypophysectomy on the testicular function in ratRuiz De Galarreta, C. M.; Lopez-Blanco, F. ; Fanjul, L. F. Artículo
1981Effects of cholinergic and anti-cholinergic drugs on restraint-induced prolactin releaseRuiz De Galarreta, C. M.; Fanjul, L. F. ; Hanson, E.; Meites, J.Artículo
1981The effect of starvation, restricted feed intake and refeeding on acid phosphatase activity of the hypothalamus and frontal cerebral cortex of the ratRuiz de Galarreta, C. M.; Fanjul, L. F. Artículo
1981Effects of starvation in rats on serum levels of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and testicular 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activityFanjul, L. F. ; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.Artículo
1983Regulation of 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity by human chorionic gonadotropin, androgens, and anti-androgens in cultured testicular cellsRuiz De Galarreta, C. M.; Fanjul, L. F. ; Meidan, R.; Hsueh, A. J.W.Artículo
1984Estrogen regulation of progestin biosynthetic enzymes in cultured rat granulosa cellsFanjul, L. F. ; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.; Hsueh, A. J.W.Artículo
1988Serum androgen levels after streptozotocin administration in the male ratCentol, I.; López-Blanco, F. ; Deniz, A.; Benítez, L.; Marrero-Arencibia, I. , et alArtículo
1988Functional activity of rat testicular cells in cultureCentol, I.; Deniz, A.; Benitez, L.; Marrero, I. ; Fanjul, L. F. , et alArtículo
1989R1881 regulation of steroidogenesis in cultured testicular cellsFanjul, L. F. ; Estevez, F. ; Deniz, A.; Marrero, I. ; Benitez, L., et alArtículo
1989The androgen receptor does not mediate progestin regulation of progesterone biosynthesis in cultured rat granulosa cellsQuintana, J ; Fanjul, L. F. ; Estevez, F. ; Deniz Caceres, A. ; Marrero, I. , et alArtículo
1992Testicular 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/Δ<sup>5-4</sup> isomerase in the hypophysectomized rat: Effect of treatment with 5α-dihydrotestosteroneFanjul, L. F. ; Quintana, J.; Gonzalez, J.; Santana, P.; Estevez, F. , et alArtículo
1992R5020 enhances PGE<inf>2</inf>stimulated steroidogenesis in cultured rat granulosa cellsFanjul, L. F. ; Gonzalez, J.; Santana, P.; Estevez, F. ; Quintana, J., et alArtículo
1995Partial characterization of a thyrotropin releasing hormone-sensitive glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol in pituitary lactotrophesBenítez, Lourdes; Fanjul, Luisa F. ; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.; Quintana Aguiar, J. ; González Reyes, J., et alArtículo
1996c-Jun is a downstream target for ceramide-activated protein phosphatase in A431 cellsReyes, Juan González; Robayna, Ignacio González ; Delgado, Pino Santana ; González, Inmaculada Hernández ; Aguiar, José Quintana , et alArtículo
1997Effect of the protein phosphatase inhibitor okadaic acid on FSH-induced granulosa cell steroidogenesisGonzález Reyes, J.; Santana, P. ; González Robaina, I. ; Cabrera Oliva, J.; Estévez, F. , et alArtículo
1998Sphingomyelin and ceramide mass assaySantana, P.; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.; Fanjul, L. F. Reseña
1998Measurement of sphingomyelin and ceramide cellular levels after sphingomyelinase-mediated sphingomyelin hydrolysisSantana, P.; Fanjul, L. F. ; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.Reseña
2000Isolation of (s)-(+)-naproxene from Musa acuminata. Inhibitory effect of naproxene and its 7-methoxy isomer on constitutive COX-1 and inducible COX-2Abad, T.; McNaughton-Smith, G.; Fletcher, W. Q.; Echeverri, F.; Diaz-Peñate, R., et alArtículo
2000Regulation by ceramide of epidermal growth factor signal transduction and mitogenesis in cell lines overexpressing the growth factor receptorGallardo, G. ; Tabraue, C. ; Quintana, J ; López-Blanco, F. ; Cabrera, J., et alArtículo
2003Toxicity of nitric oxide and peroxynitrite to Photobacterium damselae subsp. piscicidaAcosta, F. ; Real, F. ; Ruiz De Galarreta, C. M.; Díaz, R.; Padilla, D. , et alArtículo