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2017Bibliometric analysis over research on "client satisfaction"Rudchenko, Veronika; Martín, Juan Carlos ; Sánchez-Rebull M.ArtículoBibliometric_analysis_over_research.pdf.jpg
2018The antecedents and consequences of customer satisfaction in tourism: a systematic literature reviewSánchez-Rebull, María-Victoria; Rudchenko, Veronika; Martín, Juan Carlos ReseñaAntecedents_consequences_customer_satisfaction_tourism.pdf.jpg
2018Are there any differences in client satisfaction investigation within scopus and russian journals publications?Rudchenko, Veronika; Martin, Juan-Carlos ; Sanchez-Rebull, Maria-VictoriaArtículoArethereanydifferences.pdf.jpg
2018Hotel Guests´ Satisfaction: A Segmentation Analysis Based on Age and Gender Using Topsis Fuzzy MethodologyMartín Hernández, Juan Carlos ; Sánchez-Rebull, María Victoria; Rudchenko, VeronikaArtículo