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Stomach contents of sperm whales Physeter macrocephalus stranded in the North Sea 1990-1996Santos, M. B.; Pierce, G. J.; Boyle, P. R.; Reid, R. J.; Ross, H. M., et al199910.3354/meps183281Marine Ecology Progress Series [ISSN 0171-8630], v. 183, p. 281-2942,017Q1ArtículoStomach_contents_sperm.pdf.jpg
Gas-bubble lesions in stranded cetaceans. Was sonar responsible for a spate of whale deaths after an Atlantic military exercise?Jepson, P. D.; Arbelo Hernández, Manuel Antonio ; Deaville, R.; Patterson, I. A.P.; Castro Alonso, Pedro Luis , et al200310.1038/425575aNature [ISSN 0028-0836], v. 425 (6958), p. 575-576Artículo