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1991Cardiac rhabdomyoma and tuberous sclerosis. Survival after the surgical resection of the cardiac tumorAbad, C. ; Trillo, M.; Olalla, E.; Suárez, P.; Antúnez, M., et alArtículo
1996Atypical auricular myxoma and mitral valvulopathy. A rare associationAbad, C. ; Vargas, R.; Romero, T.Comentario
1997Cardiac tamponade as first clinical manifestation of small cell carcinomaAbad, C. ; Romero, T.; Ponce, G.; Aguilar, J.Artículo
2006Bronchogenic carcinoma associated with rheumatoid arthritis: Role of FDG-PET scans [7]Rodríguez, P.; Romero, T.; Rodríguez de Castro, F. ; Hussein, M.; Freixinet, J. Comentario