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2001Artifact reduction in sinc interpolation using adaptive filteringRodriguez-Florido, M. A.; Ruiz-Alzola, J. ; Westin, C. F.Actas de congresos
2003Anisotropic regularization of posterior probability maps using vector space projections. application to MRI segmentationRodriguez-Florido, M. A.; Cárdenes, R.; Westin, C. F.; Alberola, C.; Ruiz-Alzola, J. ArtículoAnisotropic_Regularization_of_Posterior_Probabilit.pdf.jpg
2004DT-MRI regularization using anisotropic tensor field filteringRodriguez-Florido, M. A.; Westin, C. F.; Ruiz-Alzola, J. Actas de congresos
2006A local structure measure for anisotropic regularization of tensor fieldsSuárez-Santana, E.; Rodriguez-Florido, M. A.; Castanõ-Moraga, C.; Westin, C. F.; Ruiz-Alzola, J. Actas de congresos
2007Vorticity visualization: Phantom study for a new discriminant parameter in US elastographySosa Cabrera,Darío ; Suarez-Santana, E.; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan ; Rodriguez-Florido, M. A.Actas de congresos2007 - SPIE - Vorticity Visualization.pdf.jpg
2009A tensor approach to elastography analysis and visualizationSosa-Cabrera, D.; Rodriguez-Florido, M. A.; Suarez-Santana, E.; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan Capítulo de libro
2013Training Surgical Skills under Accredited Education: Our Regional ExperienceBallesteros Ruiz, Jose Luis; Maynar Moliner, Manuel ; Rodriguez-Florido, M. A.Actas de congresos
2013Why Is It That the Different University Specialties in General and Engineering More Specifically Are Not Mentioned When Talking about Medical Work and Health?Maynar Moliner, Manuel ; Ballesteros-Ruiz, J.; Cabrera, Y.; Maynar-Lopez, M.; Rodriguez-Florido, M. A.Actas de congresos