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New lanostanoids from the fungus Ganoderma concinnaGonzález, Antonio G. ; León, Francisco; Rivera, Augusto; Padrón, Juan I.; González-Plata, Javier, et al200210.1021/np010143eJournal of Natural Products[ISSN 0163-3864],v. 65, p. 417-4211,855Q1Artículo
Novel cytostatic lanostanoid triterpenes from Ganoderma australeLeón, Francisco; Valencia, Meiser; Rivera, Augusto; Nieto, Ivonne; Quintana, J , et al200310.1002/hlca.200390251Helvetica Chimica Acta[ISSN 0018-019X],v. 86 (9), p. 3088-30951,861Q1Artículo
Lanostanoid triterpenes from Laetiporus sulphureus and apoptosis induction on HL-60 human myeloid leukemia cellsLéon, Francisco; Quintana, J ; Rivera, Augusto; Estevez, F ; Bermejo, Jaime200410.1021/np049762oJournal Of Natural Products[ISSN 0163-3864],v. 67 (12), p. 2008-20112,202Q1Artículo
Isolation, structure elucidation, total synthesis, and evaluation of new natural and synthetic ceramides on human SK-MEL-1 melanoma cellsLeón, Francisco; Brouard, Ignacio; Rivera, Augusto; Torres, Fernando; Rubio Sánchez, Sara , et al200610.1021/jm0605334Journal Of Medicinal Chemistry [ISSN 0022-2623], v. 49 (19), p. 5830-58395,115Q1Artículo
A new ceramide from Suillus luteus and its cytotoxic activity against human melanoma cellsLeón, Francisco; Brouard, Ignacio; Torres, Fernando; Quintana, Jose ; Rivera, Augusto, et al200810.1002/cbdv.200890002Chemistry & Biodiversity[ISSN 1612-1872],v. 5 (1), p. 120-1251,659Q2Artículo