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2019Different Antifungal Activity of Anabaena sp., Ecklonia sp., and Jania sp. against Botrytis cinereaRighini, Hillary; Baraldi, Elena; García Fernández, Yolanda; Martel Quintana, Antera ; Roberti, Robertadifferentantifungalactivity.pdf.jpg
2020Inhibitory activity of aqueous extracts from Anabaena minutissima, Ecklonia maxima and Jania adhaerens on the cucumber powdery mildew pathogen in vitro and in vivoRighini, Hillary; Somma, Annalisa; Cetrullo, Silvia; D’Adamo, Stefania; Flamigni, Flavio; Martel Quintana, Antera ; Roberti, Roberta