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2014Ocean acidification: The other CO2 problemRiebesell, UlfVídeo
2016A preview of the ocean acidification’s impact on potential respiratory activityMartínez, Ico ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Riebesell, Ulf; Packard, Theodore T. ; Gómez, May Póster de congresosPoster-6ZPS.pdf.jpg
2016Impact of increasing pCO2 on marine potential respiratory activityMartínez, Ico ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Riebesell, Ulf; Packard, Theodore T. ; Gómez, May Póster de congresosPoster-CECOMA2016.pdf.jpg
2017Influence of ocean acidification and deep water upwelling on oligotrophic plankton communities in the subtropical North Atlantic: Insights from an in situ mesocosm studyTaucher, J.; Bach, L.T.; Boxhammer, T.; Nauendorf, A.; Achterberg, E. P., et alArtículoInfluence_of_ocean.pdf.jpg
2018Plankton community respiration and ETS activity under variable CO2 and nutrient fertilization during a mesocosm study in the subtropical North AtlanticFilella, Alba; Baños, Isabel ; Montero, María F. ; Hernández-Hernández, Nauzet ; Rodríguez-Santos, Adriana, et alArtículoPlankton_community.pdf.jpg
2018High CO2 under nutrient fertilization increases primary production and biomass in subtropical phytoplankton communities: A mesocosm approachHernández-Hernández, Nauzet ; Bach, Lennart T.; Montero, María F. ; Taucher, Jan; Baños, Isabel , et alArtículoHigh_CO2_under_nutrient.pdf.jpg
2018Photochemical vs. bacterial control of H2O2 concentration across a pCO2 gradient mesocosm experiment in the subtropical North AtlanticHopwood, Mark J.; Riebesell, Ulf; Arístegui, Javier ; Ludwig, Andrea; Achterberg, Eric P., et alArtículoPhotochemical_vs_bacterial_control.pdf.jpg
2018Toxic algal bloom induced by ocean acidification disrupts the pelagic food webRiebesell, Ulf; Aberle-Malzahn, Nicole; Achterberg, Eric P.; Algueró-Muñiz, María; Alvarez-Fernandez, Santiago, et alArtículo
2018Response of subtropical phytoplankton communities to ocean acidification under oligotrophic conditions and during nutrient fertilizationTaucher, Jan; Arístegui, Javier ; Bach, Lennart T.; Guan, Wanchun; Montero, María F. , et alArtículoResponse_subtropical_phytoplankton.pdf.jpg
2019Effects of Elevated CO2 on a Natural Diatom Community in the Subtropical NE AtlanticBach, Lennart T.; Hernández Hernández, Nauzet ; Taucher, Jan; Spisla, Carsten; Sforna, Claudia, et alArtículoEffectsofelevated.pdf.jpg
2020Metabolic Responses of Subtropical Microplankton After a Simulated Deep-Water Upwelling Event Suggest a Possible Dominance of Mixotrophy Under Increasing CO2 LevelsTames Espinosa, Maria Teresa ; Martínez Sánchez, Ico ; Romero Kutzner, Vanesa ; Coca Saenz De Albéniz, Josep ; Algueró-Muñiz, María, et alArtículometabolicresponsessubtropical.pdf.jpg
2020Factors controlling plankton community production, export flux, and particulate matter stoichiometry in the coastal upwelling system off PeruBach, Lennart Thomas; Paul, Allanah Joy; Boxhammer, Tim; von der Esch, Elisabeth; Graco, Michelle, et alArtículofactorscontrollingplankton.pdf.jpg