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2012Monitoring of cleanliness and disinfection in dairies: Comparison of traditional microbiological and ATP bioluminescence methodsCarrascosa, Conrado ; Saavedra, Pedro; Millán, Rafael ; Jaber, José R. ; Pérez, Esteban; Grau, Raúl; Raposo, António; Mauricio, Cristina; Sanjuán, Esther Artículo
2013Techniques to evaluate cleanliness and disinfection in dairiesCarrascosa, Conrado ; Raposo, António; Sanjuán, Esther ; Millán, Rafael ; Pérez, EstebanCapítulo de libro
2014Predictive models for bacterial growth in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) stored in iceCarrascosa, Conrado ; Millán, Rafael ; Saavedra, Pedro; Jaber, José R. ; Montenegro, Tania; Raposo, António; Pérez, Esteban; Sanjuán, Esther Artículo
2015Vending machines: Food safety and quality assessment focused on food handlers and the variables involved in the industryRaposo, António; Carrascosa, Conrado ; Pérez, Esteban; Saavedra, Pedro; Sanjuán, Esther ; Millán, Rafael Artículo
2015Microbiological evolution of gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) in Canary Islands during ice storageCarrascosa, Conrado ; Millán, Rafael ; Saavedra, Pedro; Jaber, José Raduán ; Raposo, António; Pérez, Esteban; Montenegro, Tania; Sanjuán, Esther Artículo
2015Mobile artisanal cheese vending in small street markets of Gran CanariaSánchez, Maria; Lugo, Dácil; Millán Larriva, Rafael ; Verdú, Abel; Raposo, António; Sanjuán Velázquez, Esther ; Carrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado Javier ArtículoMobile_artisana_cheese _vending.pdf.jpg
2016Microbial growth models in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) stored in iceCarrascosa, Conrado ; Saavedra-Santana, Pedro ; Millán, Rafael ; Jaber, José Raduán ; Montenegro, Tania; Raposo, António; Sanjuán, Esther Artículo
2016Puffer fish and its consumption: To eat or not to eat?Panão, Inês; Carrascosa, Conrado ; Raduán Jaber, J. ; Raposo, AntónioReseña
2016Identification of the risk factors associated with cheese production to implement the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system on cheese farmsCarrascosa, Conrado ; Millán, Rafael ; Saavedra Santana, Pedro ; Jaber, José Raduán ; Raposo, António; Sanjuán, Esther ArtículoIdentification_of_the_risk.pdf.jpg
2017Allergen management as a key issue in food safetyRaposo, António; Pérez, Esteban; de Faria, Catarina Tinoco; Carrascosa, Conrado Capítulo de libro
2018Bisphenol A: Food Exposure and Impact on Human HealthAlmeida, Susana; Raposo, António; Almeida-González, Maira ; Carrascosa, Conrado Reseña
2018Is the use of supermarket trolleys microbiologically safe? Study of microbiological contaminationCarrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado Javier ; Sanjuán Velázquez, Esther ; Millán Larriva, Rafael ; Martín, Sara; Saavedra, Pedro; Raposo, António; del Rosario-Quintana, Cristóbal; Jáber Mohamad, José Raduán ArtículoUse_supermarket_trolleys.pdf.jpg
2018Degree of implementation and satisfaction in food companies with the International Food Standards (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) certifications on the Canary IslandsFontaine, Acoraida; Raposo, António; Millán Larriva, Rafael ; Sanjuán Velázquez, Esther ; Carrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado Javier ArtículoDegree_implementation_satisfaction.pdf.jpg
2018Studying the compliance of the labelling in different types of farm fresh eggs for human consumption marketed in Gran Canaria (Spain) – An egg labelling proposition for those produced in Canary IslandsLópez, Melissa; Carrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado Javier ; Millán Larriva, Rafael ; Hitatí Negro, Graciela; Raposo, António; Sanjuán Velázquez, Esther ArtículoStudying_compliance_labelling.pdf.jpg
2019Entomophagy: Nutritional, ecological, safety and legislation aspectsRaheem, Dele; Raposo, António; Oluwole, Oluwatoyin Bolanle; Nieuwland, Maaike; Saraiva, Ariana; Carrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado Javier Reseña
2019Traditional consumption of and rearing edible insects in Africa, Asia and EuropeRaheem, Dele; Carrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado Javier ; Oluwole, Oluwatoyin Bolanle; Nieuwland, Maaike; Saraiva, Ariana; Millán Larriva, Rafael ; Raposo, AntónioReseña
2020Maltitol: Analytical determination methods, applications in the food industry, metabolism and health impactsSaraiva, Ariana; Carrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado Javier ; Raheem, Dele; Ramos, Fernando; Raposo, AntónioReseñaMaltitol Analytical Determination Methods, Applications in the Food Industry, Metabolism and Health Impacts.pdf.jpg
2020A study of vegetable (thistle) rennet in the production of Flor de Guía cheese Um estudo sobre o coalho vegetal (cardo) na produção de queijo Flor de GuíaCarrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado Javier ; Vega, Liuva; Millán Larriva, Rafael ; Saavedra Santana, Pedro ; Raposo, António; Saraiva, Ariana; Sanjuán Velázquez, Esther Artículobbr.17.1.226.pdf.jpg