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2005Influence of the data sampling interval in the estimation of the parameters of the Weibull wind speed probability density distribution: A case studyRamírez, Penélope; Carta, José Antonio Artículo
2006The use of wind probability distributions derived from the maximum entropy principle in the analysis of wind energy. A case studyRamírez, Penélope; Carta, José Antonio Artículo
2007Use of finite mixture distribution models in the analysis of wind energy in the Canarian ArchipelagoCarta, José Antonio ; Ramírez, PenélopeArtículo
2008Statistical modelling of directional wind speeds using mixtures of von Mises distributions: Case studyCarta, José A. ; Bueno, Celia; Ramírez, PenélopeArtículo
2008A joint probability density function of wind speed and direction for wind energy analysisCarta, José A. ; Ramírez, Penélope; Bueno, CeliaArtículo
2008Influence of the level of fit of a density probability function to wind-speed data on the WECS mean power output estimationCarta, José A. ; Ramírez, Penélope; Velázquez, Sergio Artículo
2009A review of wind speed probability distributions used in wind energy analysis. Case studies in the Canary IslandsCarta, J. A. ; Ramírez, Penélope; Velázquez, S. Reseña