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Mannose binding lectin polymorphisms as a disease-modulating factor in women with systemic lupus erythematosus from Canary Islands, SpainGarcía-Laorden, M. Isabel; Rúa-Figueroa, Iñigo; Pérez-Aciego, Paloma; Rodríguez-Pérez, J. Carlos ; Citores, M. Jesús, et al2003Journal of Rheumatology[ISSN 0315-162X],v. 30, p. 740-7462,674Q2Artículo
Application of guidelines for secondary prevention of fracture and the FRAX index in patients with fragility fractureNaranjo, Antonio ; Ojeda-Bruno, Soledad; Francisco-Hernández, Félix; Erausquin, Celia; Rúa-Figueroa, Iñigo, et al201110.1016/j.medcli.2010.06.028Medicina Clinica[ISSN 0025-7753],v. 136, p. 290-2920,235Q21,385Q2Artículo
Results of a specific smoking cessation program for patients with arthritis in a rheumatology clinicNaranjo, Antonio ; Bilbao, Ana; Erausquin, Celia; Ojeda, Soledad; Francisco, Félix M., et al201410.1007/s00296-013-2851-8Rheumatology International[ISSN 0172-8172],v. 34, p. 93-990,651Q21,516Q3Artículo
Clinical and immunogenetic factors associated with pneumonia in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: A case-control studyRúa-Figueroa, Iñigo; Nóvoa, Javier; García-Laorden, María Isabel; Erausquin, Celia; García-Bello, Miguel, et al201410.3899/jrheum.131470Journal of Rheumatology[ISSN 0315-162X],v. 41, p. 1801-18071,649Q23,187Q2Artículo
Pulmonary arterial hypertension in systemic lupus erythematosus: Prevalence and predictorsPérez-Peñate, Gregorio Miguel ; Rúa-Figueroa, Iñigo; Juliá-Serdá, Gabriel; León-Marrero, Fernándo; García-Quintana, Antonio, et al201610.3899/jrheum.150451Journal of Rheumatology[ISSN 0315-162X],v. 43, p. 323-3291,86Q23,15Q2Artículo
Tobacco and systemic lupus erythematosus relationships: Pay attention to the retina!Rúa-Figueroa, Iñigo; Erausquin, Celia; Naranjo, Antonio ; Rua-Figueroa, Celia; Ojeda, Soledad, et al2018Arthritis & Rheumatology[ISSN 2326-5191],v. 70 sup. 9, Abstract 767, (Septiembre 2018)9,002Q1Póster de congresos
Tobacco smoking is an independent factor associated with retinal damage in systemic lupus erythematosus: a cross-sectional and retrospective studyRúa-Figueroa, Iñigo; Erausquin, Celia; Rua-Figueroa, Celia; González-Martín, Jesús; Naranjo Hernández, Antonio , et al201910.1007/s00296-019-04473-8Rheumatology International [ISSN 0172-8172]0,686Q21,984Q3Artículo
Should MASP-2 Deficiency Be Considered a Primary Immunodeficiency? Relevance of the Lectin PathwayGarcía-Laorden, M. Isabel; Hernandez Brito, Elisa ; Muñoz-Almagro, Carmen; Pavlovic-Nesic, Svetlana; Rúa-Figueroa, Iñigo, et al201910.1007/s10875-019-00714-4Journal of Clinical Immunology [ISSN 0271-9142]1,578Q16,78Q1Artículo